The Edward Jones Milton or Textual Studies Scholarship

The scholarship is awarded to the best unpublished scholarly or critical essay dealing with any aspect of Milton's writing or a critical edition or bibliographic essay on any subject of English or American literature.

The following rules apply:

  • Competition for the scholarships is open to English graduate students currently enrolled at OSU.
  • Essays should range in length from ten to forty pages of double-spaced typescript.   The cover-page should contain the title of the essay and the scholarship for which it is submitted.   The name of the contestant should not appear in the essay or on the title page.
  • Each entry must include the application form indicating the name of the essay, the name of the author, address, phone number, and CWID. This is the only place where the name of the author should appear.
  • Students should submit no more than one essay for each scholarship, though they may submit for multiple scholarships.   Students who choose to submit essays for multiple scholarships must submit different entries.
  • The essays will be judged for originality, tenability, significance, and cogency of organization and prose style.   Essays submitted for these prizes will be judged by a committee of graduate faculty.

All submissions should include the scholarship name, applicant's name, address, phone number and CWID typed on a separate sheet of paper.

Application materials should be submitted to JuDean Howerton via email at See the main English Department Scholarship page for application deadlines.

Funding for these scholarships is made available through the Gladys S. Lewis Literary Studies Endowment Fund. Click here for the Edward Jones Milton or Textual Studies Scholarship.