Dani Putney, PhD Student in Creative Writing - Poetry



Name: Dani Putney
Office: 4th Floor, Morrill Hall
Email: dputney@okstate.edu

MFA in Creative Writing (Mississippi University for Women, 2020)
BA in English (University of Nevada, Reno, 2017)

Areas of Interest

  • Poetry
  • Creative nonfiction
  • East and Southeast Asian art history
  • Writing center studies

Courses Taught

  • ENGL 1113: Composition I
  • ENGL 1213: Composition II

Selected Publications

Poetry Collections
  • Dela Torre, Sundress Publications, February 8, 2022, e-chapbook
  • Salamat sa Intersectionality, Okay Donkey Press, May 18, 2021, print
  • “Self-Orientalization,” Quarter After Eight, forthcoming, print
  • “Triple Helix,” Grist: A Journal of the Literary Arts, forthcoming, print
  • “Colonization,” Faultline Journal of Arts and Letters, forthcoming, print and web
  • “Balikbayan,” “Latex,” and “List of Illustrations”; Barrelhouse; forthcoming; web
  • “Kumusta,” Cream City Review, December 18, 2021, print and web
  • “First Date,” Palette Poetry, December 13, 2021, web
  • “If I Remain a Boy” and “Siopao,” The Dock, Hayden’s Ferry Review, November 30, web
  • “Killing Field,” Tinderbox Poetry Journal, October 19, 2021, web
  • “Turning Point,” Glassworks Magazine, October 1, 2021, print and web
  • “Track: ‘Dead of Night’ by Orville Peck (2019),” Foglifter, October 2021, print
  • “Permafrost,” Pedestal Magazine, June 21, 2021, web
  • “Convergent Boundary,” Thin Air Magazine, June 13, 2021, print
  • “Asian Romance Guide to Marriage by Correspondence,” Hairstreak Butterfly Review, June 11, 2021, web
  • “American Pastoral” and “Heritage,” beestung, May 20, 2021, web
  • “Kimchi,” Rust + Moth, May 3, 2021, print and web
  • “El chisporrotear,” “La tormenta de arena,” and “Los pioneros”; Azahares; April 22, 2021; print and web
  • “Dela Torre” and “The Price of Olives,” The Emerson Review, April 21, 2021, print and web
  • “Ars Party Foul,” Gulf Stream Magazine, April 18, 2021, web
  • “Texas Tango,” Random Sample Review, April 17, 2021, web
  • “Halo-halo,” Rappahannock Review, December 11, 2020, web
  • “Representation in the Borderlands” (later retitled “Repping in the Borderlands”), Camas, December 2020, print
  • “Father Gone” (later retitled “Father’s Estate”) and “Memories of Sacramento,” The Chaffin Journal, November 1, 2020, print
  • “Dear Jeremy,” Alien Magazine, August 21, 2020, web
  • “Coordinates for My Dad’s Ashes,” Figure 1, August 10, 2020, web
  • “Angeligender,” “Michelangelo,” and “Technological Dismemberment”; LandLocked; May 7, 2020; pp. 54–56; print and web
  • “Heart, Wine, and Desert,” Tributaries, The Fourth River, April 8, 2020, web
  • “Don’t Freeze with Me,” Tule Review, February 22, 2020, print
  • “Cybernetic Impromptu” and “OCD,” Thin Air Online, January 13, 2020, web
  • “Milk” (later retitled “Lactose Intolerance”), Glass: A Journal of Poetry, January 1, 2020, web
  • “Imago” and “My Mom Was a Picture Bride,” Foothill, November 8, 2019, pp. 22–24, print and web
  • “Dust Storm,” Helen, October 21, 2019, print postcard and web
  • “PDX Tote Bag Aesthetic and New Year’s Eve Expectations” (later retitled “PDX Queen”), Queer Around the World Too, Qommunicate Publishing, September 30, 2019, pp. 88–89, print and e-book
  • “Naked Heat,” Lift Every Voice, Kissing Dynamite, September 21, 2019, p. 31, print
  • “Sidewind into the Universe,” The Shore, September 17, 2019, web
  • “Call Me Wallaby,” “Jouissance,” “Sizzle,” “Sylvia Plath and Virginia Woolf Talk on My Thighs,” and “To Judith Butler”; Lockjaw Magazine; August 1, 2019; web
  • “Cryogenesis,” Rigorous, July 27, 2019, web
  • “Dissonance,” trampset, July 26, 2019, web
  • “Memento Mori,” Marías at Sampaguitas, July 23, 2019, web
  • “Dissociate,” “Lazarus,” and “Stuck in Primordial Soup”; #EnbyLife; July 21, 2019; web
  • “Freedom in Six Parts,” “Gates of Paradise,” and “Potato Bugs”; Empty Mirror; June 14, 2019; web
  • “Filipinx” and “Shape,” Juke Joint Magazine, May 30, 2019, web
Creative Nonfiction
  • “Electricity,” Crab Creek Review, forthcoming, print
  • “Asian Bones,” Glassworks Magazine, March 1, 2020, print and web
  • “Bobby and the Princess,” Route 7 Review, December 5, 2019, web
  • “Pretty Edges,” Cold Mountain Review, November 11, 2019, web

Selected Conference Presentations

  • Paper: “Sino-Filipino Artistic Collaboration: Agency via Ivory Sculpture Production in Seventeenth-Century Colonial Manila,” Art History Graduate Symposium (Virtual), Florida State University, 2022
  • “Queer Community Building in Times of Isolation: A Generative Writing Center Workshop,” South Central Writing Centers Association Conference (Virtual), Louisiana State University, 2022
  • Roundtable Discussion: “Queer Subterfuge: How 3 LGBTQ+ Peer Tutors Complicate Writing Center Praxis,” National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing (Virtual), 2021
  • “Mix-Mix: A Poetry Reading,” John R. Milton Writers’ Conference (Virtual), University of South Dakota, 2021
  • “Miscegenation & Racial Deviancy: A Poetry Reading,” Craft Critique Culture Conference (Virtual), University of Iowa, 2021
  • Paper: “A Queer Way to Communicate: Literature as Code in Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic,” Trash Talkin’ Conference (Virtual), University of Regina, 2021
  • Roundtable Discussion: “Queers to the Front: Recognizing LGBTQ+ Bodies in Writing Center Sessions,” South Central Writing Centers Association Conference (Virtual), Southwestern University and Abilene Christian University, 2021

Selected Professional Appointments/Service

  • Oklahoma State University Writing Center, Research Coordinator, 2021–Present
  • The Writing Center Journal, Assistant Editor, 2021–Present
  • GASHER Journal, Editorial Committee, 2021–Present
  • Cimarron Review, Editorial Assistant, 2020–Present
  • Poetry South, Assistant Editor, 2019–2020
  • Ponder Review
    • Lead Poetry Editor, 2019–2020
    • Lead Art & New Media Editor, 2019–2020
    • Poetry Editor, 2018
    • Art & New Media Editor, 2018
  • American Chemical Society, Editorial Development Intern, 2017
  • Nevada Legislature, Committee Secretary, 2017
  • University of Nevada Press
    • Production Assistant, 2016–2017
    • Production Intern, 2016
  • Brushfire Literature & Arts
    • Zine Editor, 2016–2017
    • Assistant Zine Editor, 2015–2016
  • The Nevada Sagebrush, Copy Editor, 2015–2016

Selected Awards/Recognition

  • Featured Poetry Reader for Glassworks Magazine’s Offsite AWP Gathering; MilkBoy, Philadelphia, PA; 2022
  • Pushcart Prize Nominee, beestung (“Heritage”), 2022
  • The Orison Anthology Nominee, The Emerson Review (“Dela Torre” and “The Price of Olives”), 2021
  • Best of the Net Nominee, Random Sample Review (“Texas Tango”), 2021
  • Finalist (Selected for Publication), Sundress Publications, 10th Annual E-Chapbook Competition (Dela Torre), 2021
  • Semifinalist, Glass Poetry Press, Glass Chapbook Series Open Reading Period (Dela Torre), 2021
  • Featured Poetry Reader for the Ascendance: Modern Art in Time Exhibition Reception at the Modella Art Gallery, Art History Organization, Oklahoma State University, 2021
  • Featured Poetry Reader for Oklahoma State University’s Creative Writers Association; Stonewall Tavern, Stillwater, OK; 2021
  • Doel Reed Center Scholarship, Oklahoma State University, 2021
  • Tulsa Glitterary LGBTQ+ Writers’ Workshop Participant, 2021
  • ProForma Contest Finalist, Grist: A Journal of the Literary Arts (“Balikbayan” and “Triple Helix”), 2021
  • EQuAL Scholarship, Oklahoma State University, 2021
  • Pushcart Prize Nominee, Glassworks Magazine (“Asian Bones”), 2021
  • Pushcart Prize Nominee, Foothill (“My Mom Was a Picture Bride”), 2021
  • Best of the Net Nominee, LandLocked (“Michelangelo”), 2021
  • Editors’ Prize Finalist, Foothill (“My Mom Was a Picture Bride”), 2019
  • Best of the Net Nominee, Juke Joint Magazine (“Filipinx”), 2019
  • Graduate Creative Writing Scholarship, Mississippi University for Women, 2018–2020
  • Lee Taylor Creative Writing Scholarship; University of Nevada, Reno; 2016
  • DQ Creative Writing Award for Poetry; University of Nevada, Reno; 2016
  • Thelma Ireland Scholarship; University of Nevada, Reno; 2015
  • James H. MacMillan Scholarship; University of Nevada, Reno; 2015
  • Presidential Scholarship; University of Nevada, Reno; 2014–2017
  • Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship, Nevada Treasurer’s Office, 2014–2017
  • Student Speakers Scholarship, Lions Club International (District 46), 2014–2015
  • Pioneer Crossing Casino Family Scholarship, Pioneer Crossing Casino, 2014–2015
  • North Lyon County Firefighters Scholarship, North Lyon County Fire Protection District, 2014–2015
  • Marjorie Washburn Scholarship, Lyon County Board of Trustees, 2014–2015
  • Gil & Alice Clements Scholarship, Lyon County Board of Trustees, 2014–2015

Current Research

My work investigates the intersection of Filipinx American identity and poetics, including the language tactics deployed and subverted by these writers. Additionally, I study the artistic interactions between Chinese immigrants and native Filipinos in colonial Manila.