Graig Uhlin


Associate Professor
PhD, New York University

Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • Ecocinema
  • The filmmaking of David Fincher and theories of design
  • Classical and contemporary film theory
  • Film and philosophy, especially phenomenology, hermeneutics, and existentialism
  • French film history

Selected Publications

"On Street Cats and City Rats: Synanthropes and Cinematic Urban Ecologies." The Cine-Files. (Forthcoming 2019)

"The Anthropocene's Nonindifferent Nature," in "In Focus: Film and Media Studies in the Anthropocene," eds. Jennifer Peterson and Graig Uhlin, Journal of Cinema and Media Studies 58:2 (Winter 2019) (Forthcoming)

"Monkeywrenched Images: Ecocinema and Sabotage." New Review of Film and Television Studies. (Forthcoming)

"Tne Natural and Unnatural Histories of Patricio Guzman." Resilience: A Journal of the Environmental Humanities (Forthcoming 2019)

"Feeling Deplected: Ecocinema and the Atmospherics of Affect," in Affective Ecocriticism: Emotion, Embodiment, Environment, eds. Kyle Bladow and Jennifer Ladino. (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2018).

"Weather Diaries: Storm Squatting in the Anthropocene." Media Fields Journal 13 (February 2018).

"Sustainable Filmmaking: Understanding Image as Resource." Teaching Media Quarterly 4:3 (Fall 2016).

"Cinema at Sea: Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Jean Epstein, and the Quality of Wildness." Spectator 36:2 (Fall 2016): 8-14.

"Plant-Thinking with Film: Reed, Branch, Flower," in The Green Thread: Dialogues with the Vegetal World. Lexington Books, 2015.

"Playing in the Gif(t) Economy." Games & Culture 9:6 (November 2014): 517-527.

"Reading Psycho Backwards: Gus Van Sant's Mirror-Image of Hitchcock." Hitchcock Annual 16 (2010): 127-152.

"TV, Time, and the Films of Andy Warhol." Cinema Journal 49:3 (Spring 2010): 1-23.

"Sound and Speech in Andy Warhol's Films." Quarterly Review of Film and Video 26:4 (2009): 322-338.

Recent Conference Presentations

"Hollywood's Lifeboat Ethics," A Clockwork Green: Ecomedia in the Anthropocene. June 2018.

"Fires at Sea: Lifeboat Cinema and Population Displacement," Society of Cinema & Media Studies. March 2018.

"Lifeboat Cinema: Survival in the Anthropocene," American Comparative LIterature Association. July 2017.

"The Anthropocene's Nonindifferent Nature," Society of Cinema & Media Studies. March 2017.

"The Bioregional Imagination of Jean Epstein's Brittany Films," Society of Cinema & Media Studies, Atlanta, April 2016.

"Plant-Thinking with Film: Reed, Branch, Flower," Society of Cinema & Media Studies, March 2015.

"Monkey-wrenching as Modernist Device: Sabotage and Ecocinema," Society of Cinema & Media Studies, March 2014.

“Gymnastics and Ethics: Cinema and Paul Ricoeur’s Philosophy of the Will,” World Picture Conference, University of Toronto, November 2013.

“Never Gonna GIF You Up: Sharing in the GIF(t) Economy,” Extending Play, Rutgers University, April 2013

“A Natural Process for Depiction: Film, Light, and Danny Boyle’s Sunshine,” Popular Culture Association National Conference, Washington D.C., March 2013

“Trace and Testimony: Memory and Truth in the Films of David Fincher,” Society of Cinema & Media Studies, Chicago, March 2013.


  • Jay Leyda Award for Academic Excellence, New York University
  • William K. Everson Award for Academic Excellence, New York University