Andrew Wadoski


Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Study (On leave, Spring 2018)
PhD, University of Rochester

Areas of Interest & Expertise

    • The intersections of ethics and poetics in English Renaissance literature 
    • Allegorical epic
    • Edmund Spenser
    • Gardens and pastoral spaces in Renaissance literature 

    Recent Upper Division & Graduate Courses Taught

    • ENGL 4723: Shakespeare and History
    • ENGL 6260: Allegory
    • ENGL 4110: Sixteenth Century Poetry
    • ENGL 4120: Four Metaphysical Poets
    • ENGL 5419: Spenser
    • ENGL 6240: Landscape and Literature in the Renaissance
    • ENGL 6220: Lyric Virtue 

    Selected Publications

    "Attributing and Dating the Manuscript Miscellany of Elizabeth Newell: Sir Matthew Hale and Beinecke Library Osborn MS. b49," The Library 18.3 (September 2017): 305-15.

    "OkstateShakespeare: Bringing Special Collections and Digital Humanities Into the Undergraduate Classroom," Collaborating for Impact (ACRL editied volume, co-written with David Oberhelman and Sarah Coates, 2016).

    "Framing Civil Life in Elizabethan Ireland: Bryskett, Spenser, and The Discourse of Civill Life," Renaissance Studies 30.3 (June 2016): 350-69. Online  at

    "Spenser, Harvey, and the Strange Poetics of The Shepheardes Calender," College Literature 42.3  (Summer 2015): 420-41.

    "Which Edition of Homer Did Spenser Read?", Notes & Queries 62.1 (March 2015): 74-77.

    “Milton’s Spenser: Eden and the Work of Poetry,” SEL: Studies in English Literature 1500-1900 55.1 (Winter 2015): 175-96.

    “Spenser, Tasso, and The Ethics of Allegory,” Modern Philology 111.3 (February 2014): 365-83.

    Review, Spenser, Milton, and the Redemption of the Epic Hero, Christopher Bond, Milton Quarterly 50.1 (March 2016).

    Review, The Renaissance Epic and the Oral Past, Anthony Welch, Renaissance and Reformation / Renaissance et Réforme 36.4 (Fall 2013).

    Review, The Unrepentant Renaissance: From Petrarch to Shakespeare to Milton, Richard Strier, Milton Quarterly 47.1 (March 2013).

    Review, La Villa, Bartolomeo Taegio, tr. Thomas E. Beck, Sixteenth Century Journal 43 (2013).

    Review, Literature and the Renaissance Garden from Elizabeth I to Charles II: England's Paradise, Amy L. Tigner, Journal of the Northern Renaissance (2012)

    Review, The Key of Green: Passion and Perception in Renaissance Culture, Bruce R. Smith, Sixteenth Century Journal 41 (2010).

    Review, The Inarticulate Renaissance: Language Trouble in an Age of Eloquence, Carla Mazzio, Sixteenth Century Journal 41 (2010). 

    Works in Progress

    Spenser's Ethics: The Poetry of Moral Life (book). 

    Honors & Offices

    • Regents Distinguished Teaching Award, Oklahoma State University, 2017
    • Associate Editor, Milton Quarterly
    • Executive Committee of the International Spenser Society
    • Director of Graduate Study, Department of English
    • William H. Gilman Memorial Prize for outstanding Ph.D. candidate in English or American Literature, University of Rochester, 2008. 

    Recent Grants & Research Trips

    • Newberry Travel Grant, "Gardens as Metaphor for Verbal Eloquence in Renaissance Courtesy Books," Newberry Library, Chicago, IL (FY 2011)
    • Newberry Travel Grant, "Gabriel Harvey's Marginalia in Hoby 'Courtyer'" Newberry Library, Chicago, IL (FY 2013)
    • Oklahoma Humanities Council Research Travel Grant, "Lodowick Bryskett's Discourse of Civill Life," Houghton Library, Cambridge MA ( FY 2013) 
    • College of Arts and Sciences +1 Summer Research Grant, "Spenser's Ethics," (FY 2017)

    Recent Conference Presentations

    "Opening the Archives: Digital Humanities Reseach in the Undergraduate Classroom," DH@OU#4 Digital Humanites Symposium, The University of Oklahoma, September 5, 2017.

    "Spenser's Theatrical Virtues," Spenser, Poetry, and Performance, Research in Action Symposium at Shakespeare's Globe, London, UK, June 12-13, 2017.

    "The Poetics, Ethics, and Politics of Compost in Spenser's Faerie Queene," Renaissance Society of America, Chicago, IL, Spring 2017.

    "Undergraduate Research: The Road to Publication Begins With Research" Roundtable Panel, MLA International Bibliography Advisory Committee, MLA Convention, Philadelphia, PA, January 2017. 

    "Digital Humanities and Special Collections in the Undergraduate Classroom," THATCampOK, Stillwater, OK, May 2016.

    "The Place of Forgetting in Spenser's Ethics," Fifth International Spenser Society Conference, Dublin, Ireland, June 2015.

    "Spenser's Romance Ethics," South Central Renaissance Conference, Tucson AZ, April 2014.

    “Spenser’s Ethics: Philosophy and Poetry in The Faerie Queene,” Symposium on Medieval and Renaissance Studies, St. Louis University, St. Louis, MO, June 2013.

    “Ethics and Allegorical Interpretation in Spenser’s Faerie Queene,” Locating Meaning in Early Modern Allegory, American Comparative Literature Association, Toronto, ON, April 2013.


    • Junior Faculty Internal Research Release, Department of English, Oklahoma State University (Spring 2014).
    • Oklahoma Humanities Council Research Travel Grant, “Lodowick Bryskett’s A Discourse of Civill Life” (May, 2013)
    • Newberry Library Travel Grant, “Gabriel Harvey's Marginalia in Thomas Hoby's 'Courtyer'” (May, 2013).
    • Dean’s Incentive Grant, College of Arts and Sciences, Oklahoma State University (Summer, 2012).
    • Dean’s Incentive Grant, College of Arts and Sciences, Oklahoma State University (Summer, 2011).

    Professional Memberships

    • International Spenser Society
    • Modern Language Association
    • Renaissance Society of America
    • Sixteenth Century Society
    • South Central Renaissnace Society