Assistantship Application

Personal Information

Please provide the necessary information.

Graduate Degree and Program

Please select the graduate degree and program in which you have applied.

Previous Experience

Explain your previous experience teaching composition or consulting in a writing center. (You do not need previous experience to apply.)

Assistantship Goals and Rationale

Explain why you would like to teach/consult at Oklahoma State University. How do you see this experience connecting to your graduate studies in the English department?


Please upload the following:

1.) A resume or CV.
2.) A recent academic essay demonstrating your writing skills, minimum 5 pages. (If you include an essay with your application to the English department, you may upload the same essay again here. If you do not have a recent academic essay, please contact Dr. Lynn C. Lewis or Dr. Joshua Daniel-Wariya to discuss possible alternatives.)
3.) Optional supplementary materials: teaching philosophy, teaching recommendations from supervisors or colleagues, etc.

Note: Your CV should be saved and uploaded as LASTNAME.FIRSTNAMECV.pdf. Your writing sample should be saved and uploaded as LASTNAME.FIRSTNAMESAMPLE.pdf. Follow this for supplemental materials as well. Your application materials will not be saved properly if they do not follow this convention.