Stephanie Link

  • Assistant Professor, TESL/Applied Linguistics
  • Director, International Composition Program
  • Faculty Fellow, Oklahoma State University Graduate College
  • PhD, Iowa State University of Science and Technology 

Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • Computer Assisted Language Learning
  • Interpretive Argument-based Validation
  • Systemic Functional Linguistics
  • Corpus-based genre pedagogy
  • L2 writing and technology 

Recent Upper Division & Graduate Courses Taught

  • TESL
  • Studies in Grammar
  • Language and Technology
  • Studies in Language Acquisition
  • Introduction to Graduate Studies
  • Introduction to Corpus Linguistics
  • L2 Writing: Theory, Process, and Feedback

Selected Publications

"Assessment Across Online Language Education." (2018). Advances in CALL Research and Practice Book Series. Sheffield, UK: Equinox Publishing. (co-edited with J. Li)

"The Online Language Learning Imperative: Maximizing Assessment Practices to Ensure Student Success." (2018). In S. Link & J. Li (Eds.), Assessment across online language education. Sheffield, UK: Equinox Publishing. (with J. Li)

"Toward technology-enhanced alternative assessment for online language education." (2018) In S. Link & J. Li (Eds.), Assessment across online language education. Sheffield, UK: Equinox Publishing. (with Z. Li)

"Effects of DDL Technology on Genre Learning." (2017). Special issue in Journal of Language Learning and Technology. 21(3), 104-130. (with E. Cotos & S. Huffman) 

"A move/step model for Methods sections: Demonstrating rigour and credibility" (2017). Journal of English for Specific Purposes. 46, 90-106. (with E. Cotos & S. Huffman) 

"Automated writing evaluation for formative assessment of second language writing: Investigating the accuracy and usefulness of feedback as part of argument-based validation" (2017). Educational Psychology, 37(1), 8-25. (with J. Ranalli & E. Chukharev-Hudilainen) 

"Native and nonnative teachers of L2 pronunciation: Effects on learner performance" (2016). TESOL Quarterly. 50(4), 894-931. doi: 10.1002/tesq.272 (with J. Levis, S. Sonsaat, & T. A. Barriuso). 

"Studying disciplinary corpora to teach the craft of Discussion" (2016). Writing & Pedagogy 8(1), 33-64. (with E. Cotos & S. Huffman)

"Development and validation of an automated essay scoring engine to assess students' development across program levels" (2015). Doctoral Dissertation. 

"Furthering applying move/step constructs: Technology-driven marshalling of Swalesian genre theory for EAP pedagogy" (2015). Journal of English for Academic Purposes 19, 52-72. (with E. Cotos & S. Huffman) 

"Rethinking the role of automated writing evaluation (AWE) feedback in ESL writing instruction" (2015). Journal of Second Language Writing 27, 1-18. (with J. Li & V. Hegelheimer) 

"Understanding online interaction through learning analytics: Defining a theory-driven research agenda" (2015). Calico Monograph. (with Z. Li)

"The role of automated writing evaluation holistic scores in the ESL classroom" (2014). System 44, 66-78. (with Z. Li, H. Ma, H. Yang, & V. Hegelheimer)

"Towards best practices for implementing automated writing evaluation" (2014). Calico Journal 31(3). (with A. Dursun, K. Karakaya, & V. Hegelheimer) 

Recent Conference Presentations

"Call me a CALL expert: Mapping the structure of knowledge in the field." Paper presented at the CALICO conference in Flagstaff, Arizona. May 2017.

"Corpora in language learning and teaching." Paper to be presented at the American Association of Applied Linguistics in Portland, Oregon. March 2017. 

"Effects of corpus-based technology on L2 genre learning." Symposium on Second Language Writing, Tempe, Arizona. October 2016.

"Direct corpus explorations with the Research Writing Tutor." American Association of Corpus Linguistics in Ames, Iowa. September 2016. 

"Studying disciplinary corpora to teach the craft of Discussion." TESOL International Convention & English Language Expo, Baltimore, Maryland. March 2016.

Honors and Offices

"Faculty Fellow", Graduate College, Oklahoma State University

"Chair", Women's Faculty Council, Oklahoma State University 

Professional Resources

Reading Horizons Online Workshop