Christine Nichols, MFA Student in Creative Writing


Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • Creative Writing - Poetry
  • Genre Literature


  • “The Outer Banks of Oklahoma" and "Cimarron Turnpike." Red Earth Revisited, Poetry Anthology, July 2015. 
  • "Stage Mother." Mothers Always Write (electronic journal), May 2015. 
  • "Washing." Intima: The Journal of Narrative Medicine (electronic journal), Fal 2014. 
  • "Skin Hunger," "Invite Me In," and "After the Tornado." Portmanteau (NEO) Volume 2, Fall 2014. 
  • "Getting Religion at the A&W" and "Love Is." Melancholy Hyperbole (electronic journal), May 2014.  

Why OSU? 

I'm a Stillwater girl, and OSU staff member. I can't imagine going anywhere else!