Graduate Honors and Awards

Academic Year 2015-2016

Jacqueline Alnes: Marye Lynn Cummings Grad Scholarship in Creative Writing - Non-Fiction

Tomie Anne Bitton: Janemarie Luecke Memorial Scholarship

Jake Brewer: Marye Lynn Cummings Grad Scholarship in Creative Writing - Fiction

Brian Brooks: Newberry Travel Award

Lindsay Clark: Professional Writing Scholarship and Clinton C. Keeler Fellowship in English

Clayton Dillard: Robberson Summer Research Fellowship Award

Dillon Hawkins: Leonard J. Leff Film and Media Studies Award

Trever Holland: Student Council Award for Outstanding Teaching Assistant

Elizabeth Lampman: Marye Lynn Cummings Grad Scholarship in Creative Writing - Poetry

Macy McDonald: Harry Campbell Scholarship

Elena McLaughlin: Rapp Distinguished Graduate Fellowship and Edward Walkiewicz Contemporary Studies Scholarship

Emma Murray: Academy of American Poets Prize and Sheryl Benbrook Women For OSU Scholar

Steven Pedersen: Graduate Research Excellence Award

James Seth: OSU Foundation Distinguished Graduate Fellowship

Yelin Zhao: Sally Hinrich PhD Scholarship and TESL/Linguistics Scholarship

Academic Year 2014-2015

Andrew Arnold: Excellence in Teaching and/or Consulting

Brian Brooks, James Seth, and Jason Higgins all recieved Newberry Library Travel Awards in November 2014. Additionally, James Seth was selected as a Conference Organizer for the 2015 Newberry Center Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Conference. 

Andrew Davis: The Robberson Summer Dissertation Fellowship (a research grant of $6,000); Nominated for the 2014-15 Arts and Sciences Student Coucil Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award in Spring 2015.  

Jessica Glover: "Some Women" and other poems received First Place in the 2015 Writers@Work Fellowship Competition, judged by Allison Deming. 

Brandon Hobson: Pushcart Prize for the short story "Past the Econolodge" in Noon, 2014. 

Justin McBride: Dissertation Graduate Research Excellence Award; OSU Institutional Nominee for the 2015 ProQuest National CGS Distinguished Dissertation Award in the Humanities.   

Leah Palmer: Honorary Commencement Marshall in recognition of scholarship and service to the land-grant mission of Oklahoma State University. 

Kate Strum: Short story "Personal Geology" received an honorable mention in Glimmer Train's 2015 Emerging Writer Contest.  

Academic Year 2013-2014

Melody Denny:  The 2014 Women's Research Council Award from the Women's Faculty Council.


Jessica Glover: The 2014 Arrington Creative Writing Scholarship in Poetry, the 2014 Academy of American Poets Prize, and the 2014 Houston-Traux-Wentz Graduate Student Travel Award from OSU. Also honored by City of Springfield Public Works by having her poem “Sky Lanterns” stamped into the concrete sidewalk at Missouri State University’s Brick City in downtown Springfield, MO on April 25, 2014.


William Korver: "Over There and Back Again: Somme Echoes Within the Life and Writings of J.R.R. Tolkien" was selected for the Richard Tuerk "Out of this World" Award for Science Fiction and Fantasy 2014 Graduate Student Awards at the Southwest/Texas PCA/ACA conference.