Graduate Conference Presentations

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Academic Year 2016-2017

Galen Bunting (MA in Literature): "LBGT Writers and SafeZone Tutors Within the Writing Center." South Central Writing Association Conference 2017; "'A Kind of Ecstacy': Queer Moments and the Power of the Closet in Mrs. Dalloway." 2017 South Central Modern Language Association Conference; "LBGT Writers and SafeZone Tutors Within the Writing Center (Extended Version)." International Writing Center Association Conference 2017. 

Jonathan Cannon (PhD in Screen Studies): "Sitcom Celebrity" and "What About TV Acting?" Flow. Austin, TX, September 2016.

Qi Chen (PhD in Professional Writing): "Theme-Rheme Structure Variations from RA to First Draft to Published Paper." CAES International Conference; and "Integrating 'Soft Skills' into a Business English Class" (co-presented with Dr. Gene Halleck and Meihuo Gueo, PhD in TESL), CAES International Conference.

Michelle Dostal (PhD in Literature): "'She Lived as Much in These as in the Realities': Mobility and Changing Notions of Home in Dreiser's Sister Carrie." 2017 American Literature Association Conference. Boston, MA.

Jacob Floyd (PhD in Screen Studies): "Publicity, Persona, and Power: Negotiating the Native American Experience in Classical Hollywood." Native American and Indigenous Studies (NAIS) Conference. Vancouver, BC, Canada. June 2017; "DeMille's Useful History: The Changing Indigenous Metaphors in the Development, Production and Promotion of North West Mounted Police." Society of Cinema and Media Studies. Chicago, IL. March 2017; Panelist for "Native Film in Oklahoma." Native Crossroads Film Festival and Symposium. Norman, OK. April 2016.

Evangeline Han (MA in TESL): "The Structures in Things Fall Apart: A Marxist Interpretation." Sigma Tau Delta 2017 International Conference.

Amy Takebe (PhD in TESL): "Readers Theatre in a Presentation Class." JALT 42 Annual International Conference on Language Teaching and Learning & Educational Materials  Exhibition; "Exploring Oral Presentations from Multicultural Perspectives." TESOL 2016 International Convention & English Language Expo.

Lisa Wright (PhD in Creative Writing): "Kidblog: Ignite a Fire for Writing in Your Students." Oklahoma Writing Project 2017 Back-to-School Drive-In Workshop. August 2017.

Academic Year 2014-2015

John Andrews (PhD in Creative Writing):In and Out: Exploring the Closet Metaphor in Writing Centers and Composition Classes," Southwest Central Writing Center Association Annual Conference. 

Brian Brooks (PhD in Literature): “Christ as a Sanctified Germanic Hero: The Harrowing of Hell in Old English Poetry,” The Forces of Nature: The Elements and Aesthetic Production, South Central Modern Language Association. Austin, TX, October 18-22, 2014; “Recasting Hengist as 'The Spaniard': Thomas Middleton’s Alteration of the Germanic Hero in Hengist, the King of Kent,” 2015 Newberry Center for Renaissance Studies Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Conference; “‘Descant on mine own deformity’: Placing OSF’s 2014 Richard III in Performance History.” Exploring the Renaissance, South-Central Renaissance Conference. Raleigh, NC. March 12-14, 2015. 

Jeaneen Canfield (PhD in Composition and Rhetoric): "The Writing Conference: A Practice in the Dialectic," South Central Writing Centers Conference;  “A Splendid Symbol: The Rhetoric of the Hoover Dam,” Western States Communication Conference. University of Nevada-Reno.

Rachel Chapman (MA in Composition and Rhetoric 2015): "Marks of Professionalism: Invisible Guidelines, Identity, and the Academic Gaze," Conference on College Composition and Communication Conference, March 2015; "It's All About Perception: Negotiating Priorities in Student-Athlete Tutoring in Athletic Writing Centers," South Central Writing Center Association Conference, February 2015; "Identifying wth a Contested Rhetor: Aspasia's Rhetorical Validity and Feminist Historiographic Research," Thomas R. Watson Conference, October 2014. 

Chelsey Crawford (PhD in Screen Studies): “Layering Time and Nostalgia’s Ecstasy: Home Movie Exhibition in Fiction Film,” Society for Cinema and Media Studies National Conference. Montreal, Quebec, Canada, March 2015.

Andrew Davis (PhD in Screen Studies): “From The Watermelon Woman to High Art: Analyzing the Mainstreaming of LGBT Independent Cinema.” Society for Cinema and Media Studies. Montreal, Quebec, Canada, March 2015. 

Cara Ernzen (MA in TESL/Linguistics): "Teaching Modal Verbs in Context: A Discourse-Based Approach," OKTESOL. Edmond, OK, Fall 2014. 

Jason Higgins (MA in Literature): “Horn and the Hammer: Nationalism, Propaganda, and Parallels of Horn Childe and Edward I,” Mid-America Medieval Association Conference; “From Prince to Property: Personal and Political Self-Determination in Oroonoko,” 2015 Newberry Center for Renaissance Studies Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Conference. 

Trever Holland (PhD in Literature): “Laughing at the Ridiculous, [and] the Absurd: Woody Crumbo, Masculinity, and the Native American Artist," Native American and Indigenous Studies Association.

Ho’omana Nathan Horton: “Conveying Academic Expectations in the Writing Center: The Not-So-Black-and-White Negotiation of ‘Standard American English,’” South Central Writing Center Association Conference; “Teaching Hypothetical Conditionals for Argumentative Writing in an L2 Classroom,” OKTESOL;  and “The Glad Acceptance of Sacrificial Responsibility: Defining Manhood and Accountability in a Christian Men’s Group,” Language and Linguistics Student Conference.

Macy McDonald (MA in Literature): “The Doctor as an Existential Hero: Doctor Who Through the Lens of Albert Camus's The Rebel and The Myth of Sisyphus," Southwest Popular/American Culture Association Conference 2015; “Thornton Wilder, America’s Existential Playwright: An Examination of Existential Themes in Wilder’s Our Town and Sartre’s No Exit,” Second International Thornton Wilder Conference, June 2015.

Elena McLaughlin (PhD in Literature):Changing the Ceremony: Betonie’s Hogan and Ben Pease’s ‘The Last Good Man’ as Mnemonic Sites," Native American Literature Symposium; "Subverting Popular Culture: Traditionally Contemporary Art of Ben Pease,"  Native American and Indigenous Studies Association.

Shariar Mirshahidi (PhD in TESL/Linguistics): “Language Regards: Investigating Attitudes of the Speakers of the Standard Persian Residing in the U.S. Towards Accented Speech of Non-Persian Iranians,” UTASCILT 22; While-Reading Strategies of NES vs. NNES Graduate Students: Perceptions and Preferences,” American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL) Conference (co-presented with Hooman Saeli).

Dustin Morris (PhD in Composition and Rhetoric): "More Than Group Work: Authentic Collaboration in the Composition Classroom." Computers and Writing 2015. Menomonie, WI, May 31-June 2. 

James Seth (PhD in Literature): "When Merchants became Actors: Why the East India Company Performed Shakespeare in Sierra Leone," Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies Conference. Phoenix, AZ, February 2015. 

David Vaughn (PhD in Literature):The Politics of John Milton and the Rhetoric of Marchamont Nedham,” 11th International Milton Symposium; “Edmund Spenser’s ‘Art’: Narcissistic Pity in The Shepheardes Calendar,” Third Annual Symposium on Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

Academic Year 2013-2014

Brian Brooks (PhD in Literature): "'For Brutus Only Overcame Himself': Following the Stages of Becoming Toward a Free Death," Reminiscing into the Future: 40 Years of the Arkansas Philological Association, Arkansas Philological Association. Little Rock, AR. October 24-26, 2013; Thomas Middleton's Alteration of the Traditional Germanic Heroic Ethos in Hengist, The King of Kent, Exploring the Renaissance 2014, South-Central Renaissance Conference. Tucson, AZ. April 3-4, 2014. 


Chelsey Crawford (PhD in Screen Studies): “On the Ethics of Borrowing,” Society for Cinema and Media Studies National Conference. Seattle, WA, March 2014.


Andrew Davis (PhD in Screen Studies): "Analyzing Tarnation's Promotion, Reception, and the Mainstreaming of Queer Documentary." Society of Cinema and Media Studies. Seattle, WA, March 2014.


Cara Ernzen (MA in TESL/Linguistics): "Tutors as Literacy Sponsors," South Central Writing Center Association Annual Conference. Stillwater, OK, Spring 2014.


Jessica Glover (PhD in Creative Writing): “Cowgirl Guidance at the White Horse Ranch: Steps Toward Higher Education,” Oklahoma Women in Higher Education Conference, University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond, Oklahoma, November 15, 2013; “Perspectives on the ‘Veiled Politicals’ in Nawal el-Saadawi’s ‘Twelve Women in a Cell’,” Rhetoric of the Wisewoman and the Madwoman: Perspectives on Confined Women Throughout History, South Atlantic Modern Language Association. Atlanta, GA, November 8-10, 2013.


Dillon Hawkins (MA in Screen Studies 2014): "The Hunter (2011) and the Auratic," PCA/ACA National Conference. Chicago, IL, April 2014.


Christopher Perkins (PhD in Literature): “Confound This Surly Nation: Synge’s Poems and Translations and Modern Ireland," American Conference for Irish Studies Midwest Regional Meeting: Other Irelands. Iowa City, IA, 2013; Get Up, Stand-Up: Autobiographical Performance and Social Meaning in Stand-up Comedy,” PCA/ACA National Conference National Conference. Chicago, IL, April 2014. 


James Seth (PhD in Literature): "Reexamining the East India Company's Transmission of Shakespearean Drama," 2014 Newberry Center for Renaissance Studies Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Conference. Newberry Library, Chicago, IL, January 2014.