Perceptual Dialectology

Powerpoint Presentations 

Are you really smart (or stupid, or cute, or ugly, or cool)? Or do you just talk that way? 

Awareness of Acquisition of New Dialect Features

The /ays/ Have It: The Perception of /ay/ as a North-South Stereotype in United States English

"City talk" and "Country talk": Perceptions of Urban and Rural English in Washington State

The Cognitive Foundations of Language Regard  

The Effect of Social Information on the Perceptions of Sociolinguistic Variables  

Evaluative Reactions to Accents  

Got Class? Community-Shared Conceptualizations of Social Class in Evaluative Reactions to Sociolinguistic Variables

Journal of Linguistic Geography (JLG) 1

Journal of Linguistic Geography (JLG) 2

Journal of Linguistic Geography (JLG) 3

Language, People, Salience, Space: Perceptual Dialectology and Language Regard 

Linguistic Insecurity Forty Years Later  

Mapping the Geolinguistic Spaces of the Brain

Perceptual Dialectology 

Perceptual Dialectology: Aims, Methods, Findings

Perceptual Dialectology in Great Britain  

Perceptual Dialectology in the 21st Century

Place-linked Expectations and Listener Awareness of Regional Accents  

The Power of Language Regard - Descrimination, Classification, Comprehension, and Production

Processing Grammatical Differences: Perceiving versus Noticing

Testing Listeners' Reactions to Phonological Markers of Ethnic Identity: A New Method for Sociolinguistic Research 

Urbanicity and Language Variation and Change: Mapping Dialect Perceptions in and of Seoul 

Whaddayaknow?: The Modes of Folk Linguistic Awareness

What's Old & What's New in Perceptual Dialectology?  

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