Jason Duncan Tillis, PhD student in Literature

Address: 410 Morrill Hall
Phone: 405-744-2087
Message: 405-744-9474

Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • Herman Melville
  • Slave narrative
  • Transgressive acts against normative modes of knowing
  • Postmodernism
  • (Dis)ability
  • Weightlifting

Current Research/Articles in Progress

  • This semester I'm thinking about taking a breather from my ongoing look at power, slavery and race in Melville (in particular) to write about a very popular movie that people are talking about!
    In all seriousness, my brief research career has been farly focused (I think) so this semester I'll be trying something new.

Why OSU?

The faculty that I have worked with at OSU are impressive scholars and engaging teachers. And--I must say that the graduate student body in our department is a veritable curiosity shop of talent, interests, and personality.