DUE: Summer and Fall Book Orders


If you have been assigned a summer or fall class, you can enter your book order at http://englishcourses.okstate.edu/bookorder/index.php. (If you are assigned a class after the due date, you can still enter the book order at this site.)

If you do not know your userID or password, or would like to change either of those, e-mail english.information@okstate.edu with that request.

If you are not certain about your section number, please enter "TBA."

If no books will be ordered for the class, email english.information@okstate.edu to confirm this, please.

Program Directors order textbooks for
ENGL 0003, ENGL 1123, ENGL 1223, ENGL 2443, ENGL 4893 (TESL Program)
ENGL 1113, ENGL 1213 (1st Year Composition Program)
ENGL 1313, ENGL 1413 (except for .700 level sections)
ENGL 2413 (except for .700 level sections) Supplemental texts allowed (Literature Program)
ENGL 2513 Supplemental texts allowed (Creative Writing Program)
ENGL 2453 Supplemental texts allowed (Screen Studies Program)
ENGL 3323 (Technical Writing Program)

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