English Graduate Student Association (EGSA)

The English Graduate Student Association (EGSA) is a professional and social organization that empowers graduate students with a voice in departmental affairs and encourages relationships between graduate students and faculty.

EGSA makes recommendations to the Department Chair and the Graduate Director regarding non-teaching assignments, evaluation of graduate programs, and graduate student grievances.

EGSA also promotes interaction between members of the various specializations within the department. Graduate students of each specialization can learn from the others, so EGSA facilitates interaction between our diverse membership to further our common goals.

In order to encourage graduate students in the English Department to participate in activities that will aid them in their professional development, EGSA offers annual  scholarships in a variety of categories.  For more information about EGSA scholarships, please see go here.

Officers for the 2019-2020 School Year 

President: Courtney Whited
Vice President: Elsa Klingensmith
Secretary: Remigius Recchia
Treasurer: Anna Louise Wigenstein
GPSGA Representative: Andrew Bodinger
GPSGA Representative: Courtney Whited

The EGSA holds bi-weekly meetings on the first and third Wednesdays of the month in Morrill 204. Yearly officer elections are held in April of each year. EGSA Scholarships for travel reimbursement and publication are due on the second Monday in March.