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The Department of English at OSU offers a comprehensive program leading to both an MA and PhD in English with a specialization in Linguistics, focusing on either Applied Linguistics or Sociolinguistics.

The MA is designed to offer basic courses in general linguistics and to introduce students to a variety of approaches to theory and research in applied linguistics or sociolinguistics. Applied linguistics covers a wide range of concerns in native and foreign and second language education and learning, language and the law, communication in a variety of public and institutional settings, and many other special areas that can be developed to fit a student’s personal interests. Sociolinguistics includes work in language variation and change, dialectology, anthropological, sociological, and social psychological approaches to language, and studies in discourse and interaction, again allowing program development to suit the interests of individual students.  

More Information about MA Degree Requirements.

The PhD prepares students to conduct research and teach applied linguistics or sociolinguistics at the university level and/or to consult with and carry out research for various private and public sector areas such as native and foreign and second language education at all levels, legal venues, firms and agencies for whom cross-cultural and interpersonal communications issues are important, and many others. The design of the program is highly individualized, as outlined in the description of the MA immediately above.

More Information about PhD Degree Requirements.


Our faculty can be found on the Faculty Profile Page.

Language Studies Lab

The Language Studies Lab is located in Morrill 112. For Fall 2020, The Lab will host virtual office hours and training seminars. Students and faculty can access the space and equipment by appointment. Please contact the lab at for more information.
Please click here to be taken to the Lab's Home webpage for more complete information.