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The English Department offers numerous scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students. Unless otherwise noted, all applications are due on January 23 of each year. Scholarships awards are announced by 1 March and are payable in the following fall semester. Students must be returning to OSU in the fall semester to be eligible for scholarships. Scholarship amounts are estimated below; actual scholarship award amounts are determined by the investment performance of the individual scholarship accounts.

Scholarship recipients must attend A&S Scholarship Appreciation Week, usually scheduled during the month of April. Attending this event will involve learning more about your scholarship and writing a thank you letter to your scholarship donor. 

Note: Scholarship amounts and availability are subject to the investment performance of individual scholarship accounts. Information for each scholarship season will be updated as it becomes available. 

Undergraduate Scholarships for 2016-2017

President’s Distinguished Scholarship - An award of $2200 per year for undergraduate English majors possessing outstanding academic credentials and strong leadership. 
see requirements

Mary Lou Sare Endowed Scholarship in English - An award of $600 per year to a full-time student, junior or senior, majoring in English.
see requirements

Audre Chapman Scholarship - An award of $1000 to an undergraduate English major with high academic achievement and a strong interest in teaching. 
see requirements and application form

Undergraduate Literature Scholarship - An award of $200 to the best critical or research essay by an undergraduate.
see requirements and application form 

Ruby N. Courtney Writer's Scholarship - An award of $500 to students interested in writing and/or literature at the Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma. 
see requirements and application form

Scholarships for Undergraduate or Graduate Students

Academy of American Poets Scholarship - An award of $100 to the best unpublished poem by an undergraduate or graduate.
see requirements and application form

May Wilson Woods Scholarship - An award of $200 to the best essay dealing with English literature before 1800 or Jane Austen. 
see requirements and application form 

Scholarships for Continuing Graduate Students

Clinton C. Keeler Scholarship in English Studies- An award of $350 to an outstanding PhD candidate. (12 completed graduate hours min).
see requirements and application form 

Harry M. Campbell Scholarship - An award of $300 to an outstanding MA candidate. (12 completed graduate hours min.)
see requirements and application form

Gladys S. Lewis Literary Studies Scholarships:

Leonard J. Leff Film or Media Studies Award - An award of $200 for the best unpublished scholarly or critical essay dealing with film, television, media culture, computer media, or other aspects of visual culture. 
see requirements and application form

Professional Writing Scholarship - An award of $200 for the best essay in Composition/Rhetoric or best essay on communication project (websites, manuals, CD-ROMs, etc.) in Professional Writing. 
see requirements and application form  

TESL/Linguistics Scholarship - An award of $200 for the best essay on either TESL or linguistics. 
see requirements and application form

Sally Hinrich PhD Scholarship- An award of $200 for PhD candidates (24 completed graduate hours min.). 
see requirements and application form

Scholarship for Excellence in Teaching and/or Consulting -  An award of $200 open to any English graduate teaching assistant or associate.
see requirements and application form 

Marye Lynn Cummings Endowed Scholarship The Marye Lynn Cummings Endowed Scholarship, created by Michael Cummings in memory of his wife Marye Lynn, benefits full-time graduate students in Creative Writing, providing up to $3,000 in total funding annually. The scholarship is for an OSU graduate student who is passionate about writing and planning to pursue a career as a writer. This scholarship competition is open to writers of poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction; one award of $1000 will be made in each of the three categories. 
see requirements and application form  

Scholarships for Incoming Graduate Students

Richard G. Ingham Scholarship ($500) - This award is made to outstanding entering graduate students for their first year of study. All newly admitted students will be considered automatically; no additional application is required.

Gladys Burris Creative Writing Fellowship ($1000) - This award funds outstanding first-year graduate students in Creative Writing. All newly admitted students will be considered automatically; no additional application is required.  

Graduate Student Travel Awards

The English Department offers several travel awards for graduate students who are presenting papers at conferences or who are conducting research in archives or special collections. Travel Awards are paid as reimbursements for allowable expenses after travel, upon submission of receipts. See individual awards for submission requirements and deadlines.

Houston-Truax-Wentz Graduate Travel Stipends 

The Houston-Truax-Wentz Stipend Committee invites applications for financial support from graduate students who are presenting at a conference or who are traveling to a collection for research related to a thesis or dissertation. Because the Houston-Truax-Wentz endowment was established to enhance literary studies at OSU, literature students will be prioritized over students in other programs. However, the Stipend Committee invites applications from students in all programs. Applications should include the following: (1) a) a statement identifying conference destination that also indicates whether the student’s proposal has been accepted, or b) statement identifying collection to be visited and whether the student’s access to materials has been confirmed, (2) if the application is for travel to a conference, a copy of the proposal, (3) a statement of support from the student’s academic advisor, (4) a budget (transportation costs plus per diem), (5) evidence (if any) of pursuit of other funds, and (6) CV and unofficial OSU transcript. The stipend Selection Committee will consist of the Department Head, Houston-Truax-Wentz Chair, and Literature Program Director. There will be two review cycles per year with deadlines of October 15 and February 15 for application materials. Each award will cover up to $500 in allowable expenses. Applications should be directed to JuDean Howerton, Morrill 205.

Ravi Sheorey TESL Award for Research Fund

This new travel award was created in memory of Dr. Ravi Sheorey, a beloved professor of TESL and member of the English Department for 32 years. The award provides support for conference-related expenses for graduate students who are presenting a paper at a TESOL conference. This includes the TESOL annual convention, the OKTESOL annual convention, or overseas TESL conferences. Selection preference will be given to students who submitted a paper to the Higher Education Special Interest Group of the TESOL. To apply, fill out this application form

EGSA Travel Awards

The English Graduate Student Association offers travel awards to graduate students when funds are available. Information on EGSA Travel Awards can be found at the EGSA Scholarship Page

Information for previous scholarships can be found here.