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01/31/2018 5:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Ho'omana Nathan Horton, MA student in TESOL/Linguistics

Address: TBD
Message: 405-744-9474
E-mail: nahorto@ostatemail.okstate.edu 

Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • English for Academic Purposes

  • Language Attitudes

  • Language Variation

Honors and Offices

  • Editorial Assistant – Journal of Linguistic Geography

  • Vice President – TESLing Club

Conference Presentations

  • “Conveying Academic Expectations in the Writing Center: The not-so-black-and-white negotiation of ‘Standard American English’” South Central Writing Center Association Conference, March 2014

  • “Teaching Hypothetical Conditionals for Argumentative Writing in an L2 Classroom” OKTESOL, October 2014

  • “The Glad Acceptance of Sacrificial Responsibility”: Defining Manhood and Accountability in a Christian Men’s Group” Language and Linguistics Student Conference, November 2014

Current Research/Articles in Progress

  • RODEO – Research on Dialects of English in Oklahoma


Hillary Coenen, PhD Student in Composition and Rhetoric

Address: 440 Student Union
Message: 405-744-9474
E-mail: coenen@ostatemail.okstate.edu 

BA, Angelo State University
MA, English, Midwestern State University  

Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • Feminist Rhetoric
  • History of Rhetoric
  • Writing Center Theory
  • Multimodal Composition  


  • Selected Chapters in Guide to Writing and Research at Oklahoma State University and Beyond

Honors and Offices

  • Assistant Director, OSU Writing Center (Spring 2014 – Present)

  • President, English Graduate Student Association (Fall 2014 – Present)

Conference Presentations

  • “In and Out: Exploring the Closet Metaphor in Writing Centers and Composition Classrooms.” South Central Writing Center Association Conference. Oklahoma State University, Feb. 2014

  • “Be Our Guest: A Hospitable Approach to Facing Class in the Writing Center.” International Writing Center Association Collaborative @ Conference on College Composition and Communication. St. Louis, MO, Mar. 2012

  • “Reflections on ‘Finding Our Writing Center: The Search for Identity amidst Student Misperceptions.’” University of Oklahoma Writing Center.  Apr. 2011 

Current Research/Articles in Progress

  • A Paci-Feminist Ethic: Woolf’s and Yousafzai’s Rhetorical Responses to Tyranny
  • “Staffing as Investing: Should Writing Centers be Used as Sites for Teacher Training?” 

Why OSU?

  • Primarily, I chose OSU based on a feeling that the faculty members would provide thoughtful, flexible support, that the atmosphere would promote learning, and that I would be challenged. My experiences over the last year have reinforced that intuition. I have received a great deal of support from faculty members, administrators, staff, and my fellow graduate students. By hosting events for EGSA this year, I have learned that to be even truer than I initially because I have seen how genuine and enthusiastic faculty members are in their desire to support graduate students. It also doesn’t hurt that the campus is just beautiful!

James Seth, PhD student in Literature

Address: 404 Morrill
Phone: 405-744-1982
Message: 405-744-9474
E-mail: jhseth@ostatemail.okstate.edu 

Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • Shakespeare
  • Early Modern Drama
  • The East India Company
  • Economics in Elizabethan and Jacobean England

Honors and Offices

  • Vice-President, OSU English Graduate Student Association (Fall 2014 - )
  • Conference Organizer, Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Conference, Newberry Research Library, January 2015 (Chicago, IL) 

Current Research/Articles in Progress

  • Implications of non-traditional performance sites in Shakespearean drama

Cara Ernzen, MA Student in TESL

Address: 414 Morrill Hall

Email: cara.ernzen@okstate.edu



areas of interest and expertise

  • Second Language Writng
  • English for Academic Purposes
  • Genre


conference presentations

  • "Tutors as Literacy Sponsors," South Central Writing Center Association Conference. Stillwater, OK, Spring 2014
  • "Teaching Modal Verbs in Context: A Discourse-Based Approach," OKTESOL. Edmond, OK, Fall 2014. 


Current research/articles in Progress

  • Online language learning narratives

Monique Zamir, MFA, Creative Writing - Poetry

Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • Poetry
  • Creative Nonfiction
  • New Media Journalism



  • "We Breathe Through Harmonicas," "The Revelers Should Have Died," "Two Poets Meet in a Confluence of Echoing Songs," "The red sky leaves no room for sorrow," and "Time Ticks Itself Away" Lunch Ticket - Amuse Bouche, May 12, 2014.


Honors and Offices

  • Creative Writers Association 2013-2014. Vice-President.

  • Contributing Writer for Payment Week.

  • Editorial Assistant for Cimarron Review