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Course Offerings for Literature

Catalog of Graduate Literature Courses

  • ENGL 5013: Introduction to Graduate Studies
  • ENGL 5043: Traditions in Literary Criticism and Theory
  • ENGL 5063: Seminar in Shakespeare
  • ENGL 5093: Seminar in Milton
  • ENGL 5163: Middle English Literature
  • ENGL 5410: Seminar in British Literature of the 16th Century
  • ENGL 5420: Seminar in British Literature of the 17th Century
  • ENGL 5440: Seminar in British Literature of the 18th Century
  • ENGL 5460: Seminar in British Literature of the 19th Century
  • ENGL 5480: Seminar in Modern Literature
  • ENGL 5630: Seminar in Early American Literature
  • ENGL 5660: Seminar in American Literature of the 19th Century
  • ENGL 5680: Seminar in Contemporary Literature
  • ENGL 6220: Seminar in Genre
  • ENGL 6240: Studies in Literature
  • ENGL 6250: Seminar in Race and Ethnicity
  • ENGL 6260: Studies in Literary Criticism
  • ENGL 6270: Seminar in Region
  • ENGL 6280: Seminar in Gender

Catalog of Undergraduate Literature Courses 

  • ENGL 1923: Great Works of Literature
  • ENGL 2413: Introduction to Literature
  • ENGL 2543: Survey of British Literature I
  • ENGL 2653: Survey of British Literature II
  • ENGL 2773: Survey of American Literature I
  • ENGL 2883: Survey of American Literature II
  • ENGL 2963: Survey of Northwestern Traditions
  • ENGL 3123: Mythology
  • ENGL 3153: Readings in Literature by Women
  • ENGL 3163: World Literature I
  • ENGL 3170: Readings in Literature & Other Disciplines
  • ENGL 3183: Native American Literature
  • ENGL 3190: Readings in Postcolonial/Multiethnic Literature
  • ENGL 3193: African-American Literature
  • ENGL 3240: Criticism: Literature
  • ENGL 3333: Short Story
  • ENGL 3343: Reading Poetry
  • ENGL 3363: Readings in Drama
  • ENGL 3373: Readings in Non-Fiction
  • ENGL 3383: Readings in Narrative
  • ENGL 3410: Popular Fiction
  • ENGL 3813: Readings in the American Experience
  • ENGL 3933: Shakespeare
  • ENGL 4100: Studies in Medieval British Literature
  • ENGL 4110: Studies in 16th-Century British Literature
  • ENGL 4120: Studies in 17th-Century British Literature
  • ENGL 4130: Studies in 18th-Century British Literature
  • ENGL 4160: Studies in 19th-Century British Literature
  • ENGL 4170: Studies in 20th-Century British Literature
  • ENGL 4200: Studies in Early American Literature
  • ENGL 4210: Studies in 19th-Century American Literature
  • ENGL 4220: Studies in 20th-Century American Literature
  • ENGL 4230: Studies in Literature and Theory of Diversity
  • ENGL 4300: Studies in Romanticism
  • ENGL 4310: Studies in Modernism
  • ENGL 4320: Contemporary Literature
  • ENGL 4330: Studies in Native American Literature
  • ENGL 4340: Studies in Postcolonial and Multi-ethnic Literatures
  • ENGL 4400: Studies in Regional Literature
  • ENGL 4600: Studies in Chaucer or Milton
  • ENGL 4700: Single Author/Work Pre-1800
  • ENGL 4710: Single Author/Work Post-1800
  • ENGL 4723: Studies in Shakespeare

OSU Literature Program

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Welcome to the OSU Literature Program

The Literature Graduate Program in English begins with a course in the fundamentals of research and bibliography.  Working closely with their advisory committee, students devise an individualized curriculum that reflects their own intellectual interests. The Program offers seminars in all historical periods of Anglophone literature from medieval to contemporary.  Classes focusing on an individual genre or author, on multicultural and gender studies, and on literary theory are regularly scheduled.  

Many graduate students teach writing classes and participate in workshops on pedagogy. Opportunities to teach other courses and to work as research assistants are periodically available for distinguished students.  The combined emphasis on research and practical teaching experience enables new PhDs to compete for a variety of faculty positions at colleges and universities throughout the country.

A number of fellowships and teaching assistantships are given to new and continuing students, in addition to essay prizes and awards.  The department provides some travel support for students to deliver papers at professional conferences. 


The BA in English at OSU requires 40 hours of general education courses, 54 hours within the major, and 10 hours of elective coursework. Literature is one of four paths available for the major coursework.

More Information about the BA Degree 

MA students complete 30 hours (including 6 thesis hours), write a thesis, and demonstrate reading knowledge of one foreign language.

More information about the MA Degree Requirements

Doctoral students earn a total of 60 hours (including 18-20 dissertation hours) beyond those required for the MA; take PhD exams in two subject areas; write and defend a dissertation; and demonstrate a reading knowledge of two, or mastery of one, foreign language. 

More information about the PhD Degree Requirements


Linda M. Austin
Victorian Literature

William Decker
American Literature

Randi Eldevik
Medieval Literature

Ritch Frohock
18th Century American Literature

Elizabeth Grubgeld
Irish Literature

Katherine Hallemeier
Post-Colonial Studies

Lisa Hollenbach
Contemporary American Poetry

Edward Jones

Tim Murphy
Modern Fiction

Lindsay Smith
American Indian Studies

Andrew Wadoski
Early Modern Literature

Jeffrey Walker
Early American Literature

Martin Wallen

Learn more about other OSU faculty on the  profile pages.

(Note: Students may use the below research groupings to facilitate the formation for their exam and dissertation committees. These clusters are intended to be suggestive, not definitive or restrictive.)

Studies in Fiction   Poetry and Poetics
Linda Austin   Linda Austin
Randi Eldevik   Randi Eldevik
Ritch Frohock   Lisa Hollenbach
Elizabeth Grubgeld   Edward Jones
Tim Murphy   Andrew Wadoski
Lindsey Smith   Martin Wallen
Jeffrey Walker    
Studies in Non-Fiction   History of the Book
William Decker   William Decker
Ritch Frohock   Edward Jones
Elizabeth Grubgeld   Jeffrey Walker
Tim Murphy    
Native American/Post-Colonial Studies   African-American Studies
Ritch Frohock   William Decker
Katherine Hallemeier   Katherine Hallemeier
Lindsey Smith   Lisa Hollenbach
Ethics and Literature   Critical Theory and Aesthetics
Elizabeth Grubgeld   Linda Austin
Katherine Hallemeier   Katherine Hallemeier
Andrew Wadoski   Tim Murphy
    Martin Wallen
Technology and Literature   Popular Culture
Linda Austin   Lisa Hollenbach
Lisa Hollenbach   Tim Murphy
Tim Murphy   Stacy Takacs
Martin Wallen   Jeffrey Walker


Find out about course offerings at the Course Offerings Page