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Creative Writing Student and Alumni Publications

Timothy Bradford, PhD (2005)

  • Nomads with Samsonite, BlazeVox [books], Buffalo, New York. (2011)
  • “Contact” and “Waves and the Tide.” Interim 29 (2011).
  • “Barabaig, Losing Land in Tanzania, Consider Washington State” and “Central Hockey League Night.Fiddleback 1.5 (2011).
  • “Fear Factor,” “First Treatise,” “Lost Time for Rose,” “Message” and “Lotto.” No Tell Motel (2010).
  • “Concrete and Plums,” “Zoo Poems,” “Oklahoma,” “Four Poems for Tamara,” and “The Poet at Seventeen” in Ain’t Nobody Can Sing Like Me: New Oklahoma Writing, Mongrel Empire Press (2010).
  • Review of Elisa Gabbert’s The French Exit H_NGM_N #11 (2010).
  • “Middle Songs” and “Seven-Part Note to Suicide” in Upstairs at Duroc #11, Paris, France (2010).
  • “Jerusalem Everywhere You Go” and “Tri-Weekly Cimarron River Report," 17 May 2003 to 28.
  • August 2003” in ecopoetics 06/07, Lewiston, MA. (2009).
  • “Hamlet’s Letter from Exile,” “Hamlet’s Meditation,” “Ophelia’s Dream,” and “Ophelia in The Abyss” in Drunken Boat , Drunken Boat #10 (2009).

James Brubaker, PhD Student (2013)

  • Liner Notes, Subito Press, Boulder, Colorad. (2014).
  • "This Box Contains a Quantity of Hydrocyanic Acid That May or May Not Have Been Released Already by the Decay of a Small Amount of a Radioactive Substance. Also, There Is a Cat in the Box. (A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Story.)." Zoetrope 17.2 (2013).
  • "A Speech on the Occasion of the Discovery of the Last Melody Known to Man (Dedicated to Philip Adler, Ph.D)." Haydens Ferry Review 51 (2012).
  • "An Introduction to the Deluxe Edition of Arthur Cane Kills Moby Dick's Whales Drink the Ocean and...By Pete Welch." Keyhole 12 (2012).
  • "Flavor Flav Travels through Time and Reads About Himself in Wikipedia." Indiana Review 34.2 (2012).
  • "Al's Sound, Big as God: An Interview." Texas Review (forthcoming).
  • "Oh Yoko." Confrontation 108 (2011).
  • "Four Walls Won't Hold You." Blue Mesa Review 24 (2011).
  • "Of Muscle Memory" Rabbit Catastrophe Review 1 (2011).
  • "A New Map of America." The Cupboard 2 (2008).
  • "The Reception." Flights (2008): 15-19.
  • "The Carpet Would Swallow Us." Nexus 42 (2006): 45-55.
  • "Our Hands Were Cold." Nexus41 (2006): 29-32.

Robin Carstensen, PhD (2011)

  • "Villanelle for the Fearless." Sin Fronteras: Writers Without Borders, the annual anthology of Writers Without Borders. Sin Fronteras Press (forthcoming Spring 2011).
  • "Rio Grande." Dos Passos Review (forthcoming Dec 2010).
  • "Ghazal: The Bystanders." Tusculum Review (forthcoming).
  • "Blue Sombra," "Pantoum: Song of a Borderland," "The Fountains Whence All This River of Time and its Creatures Floweth." Weber: The Contemporary West (forthcoming).
  • "Paradise: Seven Clans Casino."Conte: a Journal of Narrative Writing(2010).
  • "Ode to the Up and Coming." Ascent (2009).
  • "When Asked to Write About Your Life." Big Muddy (2009).
  • "The Purchase." Puerto del Sol (2009).
  • "Invitation from Theta Park." Many Mountains Moving (2009) Poetry Contest Winner.
  • "Stillwaters in the Heartland." Sinister Wisdom (2009).
  • "Immer Frue: Inscription on Childhood Photo, Giessen Germany, 1967." So to Speak: a Feminist Journal of Language & Art (2009) Poetry Contest Winner.
  • "Laundromat on 51 East." Natural Bridge (2008).
  • "I Give You This Day My Crown of Thorns and Claim My Resurrection." Cold Mountain Review (2008).

Dinah Cox, PhD (2009)

  • “Glue” J Journal (forthcoming)
  • “Adolescence in B Flat” Limestone (forthcoming)
  • “Three Sad Stories” Quarterly West (forthcoming)
  • “April Fool’s Day” Confrontation (forthcoming)
  • “The Canary Keeper” Prairie Schooner 86.3 (Fall 2012)
  • “Donna Valentine Live” Cream City Review 35.2 (Fall 2011)
  • “Blackout” Folio 26.1 (Spring 2011)
  •  “Three Fire Stories” Flyway: Journal of Writing and Environment 13.2 (2011)
  • “The End of Something Better, The Start of Something Worse” Beloit Fiction Journal 24 (Spring, 2011)
  • “Leo’s Peking Palace” Copper Nickel 13 (2010)
  • “Remarkable” Zone 3 24.2 (2009)
  • “Honk, Honk Dead” Dislocate 4 (2008)
  • “The Quisenberry Family Singers” REAL—Regarding Arts & Letters 32.2 (2008)
  • “Tragedy and the Common Woman” Other Voices 42 (2005)
  • “How to Write About Oklahoma” North Dakota Quarterly 71 (2004)
  • “The Umbrella is a Mark of Distinction” Eleven, Eleven 10 (online)
  •  “Pie in the Sky” The Fiddleback 1  (online)
  •  “Yellow Dogs” The Wanderlust Review  1 (online)

Joshua Cross, PhD (2015)

  • "The Clock Tower." Evening Street Review (forthcoming).
  • "We Become the Way We Are." Beloit Fiction Journal 21 (2008).

Jennifer Edwards, PhD (2014)

  • "Flatiron Range, Colorado." Muse. September 2010. Print.
  • "Ransom, Kansas," "Desolation, Idaho." The ScissorTALE Review. Summer 2010. Web.
  • "Singles Night at a Trailer Park." Dope 2 (2010).
  • "More Fun Than A Dinner Party." The Laurel Review.

Phil Estes, PhD (2015)

  • "Some Mythologies," The Lifted Brow (Forthcoming 2013).
  • “Oklahoma is Not Unlike Ancient Rome, Only with Blue Laws” LUNGFULL! 21 (2013).
  • “Clapping Hands,” “I’d Call it an Odyssey, but the Whole Sky is Black Matted,” Sonora Review 61 (2012).
  • “Baader-Meinhoff Complex,” “White Lines (3)” West Wind Review (2012).
  • “White Lines,” Greying Ghost Press Pamphlet 26 (2012).
  • “Dear ____, Our Lady of Good Hope Student of the Year, 1998-1999,” Diagram 11.5 (2012).
  • “Cutting on Motion,” “The Oresteia (458 B.C.) or, a Revenge Trilogy,” Hayden’s Ferry Review 49 (2011).
  • “Therapy Dog,” The Nashville Review August 2011.
  • "The Miracle of Chile," "My Ars Nature Poetica." Willow Springs 66 (2010).
  • “In Australia, State Funerals are Increasingly Offered to Persons of General Celebrity,” Harpur Palate 9.2 (2009).
  • “Parties in the Afterlife are a Lot like Parties in Dayton, Ohio,” Hayden’s Ferry Review 46 (2009).

Brandon Hobson, PhD (2015)

  • "Girl Enclosed in Glass," Puerto Del Sol (forthcoming)
  • Three stories, NOON 2012 (forthcoming)
  • "I am Alert to Slow Moving Things," The Lifted Brow, No. 9 (2011).
  • "Good Behavior," Gigantic 3 (2011).
  • "Downtown," "Cake." New York Tyrant (2010)
  • "I Waited for Meg," "Inez." Noon (2010).
  • "Somewhere" (Nominated for a 2010 Pushcart Prize), "We're Safe Now," "Gas Station." Noon (2009).
  • "Work," "The Single Whip." Noon (2008).
  • "A Place for Us." Narrative Magazine. Winter 2007.
  • The Levitationist. Ravenna Press. 2005.

Billy Howell, PhD (2015)

  • "How to Leave Your Mother." Florida Review 35.2 (2010).
  • "Rock Shelter." Lumina (2011).
  • "Plans." Arroyo (2010).
  • "Any Minute Now, Something Will Happen." Blue Mesa Review (2007).

Alex Linden, MFA (2012)

  •  "When I Mistook a Street Musician for My Father." Blue Earth Review IX (2011).
  • "Divorce Through Metaphor." Burner 01 (2011).
  • "Seashells." Juked (2010).
  • "Fire." Blood Lotus #16.

Clay Matthews, PhD (2008)

  • Pretty, Rooster. San Diego, CA: Cooper Dillon Books. 2011.
  • Runoff. Buffalo, NY: BlazeVOX Books. 2009.
  • Superfecta. Denver, CO: Ghost Road Press. 2008.

Brad McLelland, MFA (2011)

  • "Who Will Take the Word?" The Harrow.
  • "The Party." The Harrow.
  • "Bob-O the Bassett Hound." Fear and Trembling.
  • "Bonus Bug." Anotherealm.

Mike Melancon, MFA (2012)

  • "Ask Why," "Things to Do When Chase Bank Has You on Hold." The Fiddleback. Volume 1, Issue 2 (2011).
  • "Acadian Pastoral." Off the Coast. Winter 2011.

Eric Neuenfeldt, MFA (2012)

  • Fall Ends Tomorrow. Iron Horse Press. 2010.
  • "Bee Inside a Bullet." PANK. April 2010.
  • "They Said Stone Does Not Burn." Permafrost. Summer 2009.
  • "Spoons." Zaum. Spring 2009.

Andrew Terhune, PhD (2014)

  • “Misfortune, Cookie” and “Loaded” in Rabbit Catastrophe Review 2 (2011).
  • “Botany” in Cooweescoowee (2011).
  • “Is Vanishing” in Leveler (2010).
  • “Koala” in Spilt Milk (2010).
  • “Jeff Bridges” and “Sweeping the Corners” in Columbia Poetry Review(2010).
  • “Homebody” in West Wind Review (2010).
  • “No Tee Vee” and “When There’s No Washcloth” in Court Green (2010).
  • “Yahweh Or the Highway” in 5 AM (2009).
  • “I Keep a Map from My Doorstep to Yours” in DIAGRAM (2009).
  • “Hope is Migratory” in Makeout Creek (2009).
  • “Place right beside left (no weight) and clap” and “My French” in Eleven Eleven (2009).
  • “The Lord God is a Bird” in Meridian (2009).
  • “I Am On Your Side” and “The Left Margin” in Buffalo Carp (2009).
  • “Eileen & I” and “Changes to a Poem” in Reconfigurations (2008).
  • “The Rabbits of Chicago Wait Only for Me” in Glass (2008).
  • “Los Angeles, California” in Columbia Poetry Review (2008).

Jeff Simpson, MFA (2009)

  • Vertical Hold. Steel Toe Books. 2011.
  • "Color Depicting the Inherent Value of Things," "Stag Night," "Phantom Pains." H_NGM_N #8 (2009).
  • "Miami, OK," "Shrapnel." Nimrod 52.1 (2008).
  • "Thyroidectomy." Gulf Stream 28 (2008).

Sarah Wangler, MFA (2011)

  • " Towhead in the Sonoran Desert." FIELD 86 (2012).
  • "Missionary Sonnet #2," "Pistachio, Pistachio," "Childbearing," "Not Yours, Oklahoma." Superstition Review 4 (2009).
  • "Another Ex-Boyfriend Flees The State," "If you live on a piece of land for seven years, you own it." Cardinal Sins Literary Magazine.

Course Offerings for Creative Writing


Recent Graduate Courses Offered

ENGL 5723 - Craft and Forms of Poetry
A course focused on the interaction of traditional formal elements with free verse form in contemporary poetry, through analysis, readings, and practice.

ENGL 5730 - Seminar in Fiction Writing 
A workshop focused on writing fiction at the professional level.

ENGL 5740 - Seminar in Poetry Writing 
A graduate poetry workshop with readings in contemporary poetry.

ENGL 5763 - Craft and Forms of Fiction: POV: Narrative Point of View in Fiction
A course focused on aspects of narrative point of view and psychic distance as they pertain to the craft of writing fiction.

ENGL 6130 - Studies in Fiction Writing
A craft-oriented workshop with outside readings.

ENGL 6140 - Studies in Poetry Writing
A poetry workshop with readings in contemporary poetry and essays about poetry by poets.

ENGL 6169 - Studies in Creative Nonfiction (Creative Criticism)
A roughly two-part course, students will study a mostly hidden, but recently emerging, trend of creative nonfiction -- writers' own writing on literature -- and make their own attempt at a "criticism" that remains personal, vibrant, passionate, and engaging.  The pieces that result from these individual investigations will then become the basis for a workshop-style course.

Recent Undergraduate Courses Offered 

ENGL 2513 - Introduction to Creative Writing
Instructors: Various. Literary composition with emphasis on technique and style through readings and writings in fiction and poetry.

ENGL 4630 - Advanced Fiction Writing
An exploration of the craft of the short story in a workshop setting featuring extensive reading.

ENGL 4640 - Advanced Poetry Writing
Workshops focusing on continued developmentof the required skills of poetry writing, in which student work receives intense scrutiny.