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What Can You Do with a BA in English?

English majors enter a wide variety of fields after they graduate, including teaching, writing, editing, publishing, advertising, business, and law.

Recently, the Wall Street Journal reported that employers are looking for "soft skills" like critical thinking in recent hires, and this has led to a sharp rise in employment for humanities graduates.

Generally speaking, an English degree prepares students to think critically, to research and write well, and to problem-solve. These skills are highly sought after by employers. 

The English Department at Oklahoma State University wants to give its majors the skills they need and also an understanding of how those skills can be more effectively marketed to future employers. The articles below may serve as a useful starting point:

Best Paying Jobs for English Majors

What to Do with a BA in English

Jobs for English Majors

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Dinah Cox

PhD, Oklahoma State University

Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • Creative Writing - Fiction

Classes Taught

  • ENGL 3030 Fiction Writing; ENGL 2513, Introduction to Creative Writing; ENGL 2413, Introduction to Literature; ENGL 1313 Critical Analysis and Writing I (Honors), Engl 1213, Composition II; ENGL 1113 Composition I,  Engl 2883, Survey of American Literature II;  GWST 3450, GLBTQ Literature; Engl 1413, Critical Analysis and Writing II; Engl 1313, Critical Analysis and Writing I

Selected Publications

  • Book:

    Remarkable (BOA Editions; 2016)

  •  Short Stories:

     “Lost and Found Boys” Juked  (forthcoming)

    “Just Saying Hello” The Laurel Review (forthcoming)

    “Sick Bed” Pembroke Magazine (forthcoming)

    “Tabloid” Smokelong Quarterly (online) http://www.smokelong.com/tabloid/

    “Oklahoma Drivers are Very Upset” The Meadow 2016: 69-79

    “The History Professor” Calyx 28.3 (Summer 2015): 84-91

    “A Trip to South America” Superstition Review 15 (Spring 2015)


    “The Love Feast” South Dakota Review 51.3-4 (Spring 2015): 174-180.

     “Recipe for Disaster” StoryQuarterly 48 (2015): 269-283.

    “Bun in the Oven” Hayden’s Ferry Review online, (December, 2014):



    “The Dot” Evening Street Review 10 (Spring 2014): 55-65.

    “Three Small Town Stories” Salt Hill 32 (Spring 2014): 8-11.

    “Glue” J Journal 6.1 (Spring 2013): 41-55.

    “April Fool’s Day” Confrontation 113 (Spring 2013): 163-173.

    “Three Sad Stories” Quarterly West 76 (Fall 2012):


    “Adolescence in B Flat” Limestone (2012): 56-73

    “The Canary Keeper” Prairie Schooner 86.3 (Fall 2012): 53-64

    “Donna Valentine Live” Cream City Review 35.2 (Fall 2011): 22-37

    “Blackout” Folio 26.1 (Spring 2011): 85-87.

    “Three Fire Stories” Flyway: Journal of Writing and Environment 13.2 (2011):


    “The End of Something Better, The Start of Something Worse” Beloit Fiction

    Journal 24 (Spring, 2011): 39-50.

    “Leo’s Peking Palace” Copper Nickel 13 (2010): 33-41.

    “Remarkable” Zone 3 24.2 (2009): 60-68. 

    “Honk, Honk Dead” Dislocate 4 (2008): 49-63.

    “The Quisenberry Family Singers” REAL—Regarding Arts & Letters 32.2 (2008):


    “Tragedy and the Common Woman” Other Voices 42 (2005): 155-160.

    “How to Write About Oklahoma” North Dakota Quarterly 71 (2004): 22-28.

    “Three Stories of Prosperity” The Texas Observer, http://www.texasobserver.org/short-story-finalist-three-stories-prosperity/

    “The Umbrella is a Mark of Distinction” Eleven, Eleven 10, http://www.elevenelevenjournal.com/issue%2010%20finished%20pages/Prose/Dinah_Cox.html

    “Pie in the Sky” The Fiddleback 1, http://www.literaryorphans.org/rookery/TheFiddleback/?page_id=327

     “Yellow Dogs” The Wanderlust Review  1, http://www.wanderlustreview.com/?page_id=920


     “Birth Certificate” and “Hospital Chart” Bellingham Review online, Fall 2011. http://www.bhreview.org/contributor/dinah-cox/


     Hayden’s Ferry Review: “Interview with Dinah Cox: Flash Prose Contest Honorable Mention” http://haydensferryreview.blogspot.com/2014/12/interview-with-dinah-cox-flash-prose.html

     Late Night Library: “Dinah Cox—Remarkable," http://latenightlibrary.org/dinah-cox/

     Smokelong Quarterly: “Smoke and Mirrors: An Interview with Dinah Cox," http://www.smokelong.com/smoke-and-mirrors-an-interview-with-dinah-cox/

    Honors & Offices

  • Finalist, G.S. Sharat Chandra Prize for Fiction, BkMk Press, 2016.

    Nominated, Pushcart Prize, 2015, “A Trip to South America” by Superstition


    Winner, Fourth Annual BOA Short Fiction Prize (2014).

    Honorable Mention, 500 for 500 Flash-Prose Contest, 2014, Hayden’s Ferry


    Shortlisted: Pressgang Prize, 2014, Pressgang Press at Butler University.

    Nominated, Pushcart Prize “Glue” 2013 by J Journal.

    Honorable Mention, 2013 Texas Observer Short Story Contest.

    Finalist, 2013 Leapfrog Fiction Contest.

    Finalist, Spokane Prize for Short Fiction, Willow Springs Books, 2012.

    Runner-up, Flannery O’Connor Prize for Short Fiction, University of Georgia

    Press, 2012.

    Finalist, Spokane Prize for Short Fiction, Willow Springs Books, 2011.

    Finalist, New American Press Short Fiction Contest, 2011.

    First Place, Oklahoma State University Creative Writing Fiction Prize, 2009.

    Nominated, Pushcart Prize, “The Quisenberry Family Singers,” 2008 by REAL.

    First Place, Oklahoma State University Creative Writing Fiction Prize, 2008.

    Marye Lynn Cumming Graduate Scholarship, 2008.

    Academy of American Poets Prize, 2006.

    Honorable Mention, Oklahoma State University Creative Writing Poetry Prize,


    Third Place, Oklahoma State University Creative Writing Fiction Prize, 2006.

    First Place, Oklahoma State University Creative Writing Fiction Prize, 2005.

    Third Place, Atlantic Monthly Student Writers’ Contest for Fiction, 2003.

    Honorable Mention, Oklahoma State University Women’s Faculty Council Award

    for Scholarship in the Area of Women’s Issues, 2002.

    Audre Chapman Award for Excellence in Teaching Composition, 2002.

    Second Place, Oklahoma State University Creative Writing Fiction Prize, 2002.

    First Place, Oklahoma State University Creative Writing Poetry Prize, 2001.

    First Place, Oklahoma State University Women’s Faculty Council Award for

    Scholarship in the Area of Women’s Issues, 2000.

Current Research Projects

Second story collection and novel-in-progress

Sara S. Loss

480488 10102873630653070 509893629 n

PhD, University of Minnesota

Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • Linguistics
  • Syntax
  • Variation

Classes Taught

  • Introduction to Descriptive Linguistics (undergraduate and graduate)
  • Language in America (undergraduate and graduate)
  • English Grammar (undergraduate)
  • Grammar Studies (graduate)
  • Language, Text, and Culture (undergraduate)

Selected Publications

Current Research Projects

  • Subject Contact Relative Constructions in English (e.g., "There's no one __ can do anything about it.") Link to poster presented at LSA Annual Meeting 2017
  • Personal Dative Constructions in Oklahoma English (e.g., I baked me a cake.")











Minor in Linguistics

The Linguistics minor is designed to introduce students to the theory and research of language underpinning its use by humans, animals, or machines. The linguistics minor will provide students with background relevant for a wide range of areas, including computational linguistics, native, foreign, and second language education and learning, language and technology, language and the law, communications disorders, language variation and change, studies in discourse and interaction, and communication in a variety of public and institutional settings.

Minors in linguistics are individually tailored to the interests of the student. All minors must have a minimum of 15 credits in linguistics, of which 9 credits must be at the upper division level. All programs must include ENGL4063. GPA of 3.00 with no grade below “C.”

Required course: ENGL 4063: Descriptive Linguistics

Four additional courses from the following list:

ENGL 2243(H,I): Language, Text and Culture
ENGL 2443(I): Languages of the World
ENGL 4003*: History of the English Language
ENGL 4013*: English Grammar
ENGL 4033*: Discourse Analysis
ENGL 4043: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
ENGL 4073*: Introduction to Sociolinguistics
ENGL 4080*: Studies in Linguistics
ENGL 4083*: Applied Linguistics
ENGL 4093*: Language in America
ENGL 4143: Language and Technology
PSYC 4343(S): Language Development
PHIL 3003(A): Symbolic Logic
PHIL 4543*: Philosophy of Language

For more information:

Clarissa Bonner, Undergraduate Advisor 
209 Morrill Hall
Department of English
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK 74078