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Scholarship for Excellence in Teaching and/or Consulting

The application materials listed below should be placed in JuDean Howerton's mailbox in 205 Morrill Hall.

Please submit the following information:

  • A 1-2 page statement of teaching and/or consulting philosophy
  • A 1-2 page teaching CV including specific examples of excellence and innovation in the classroom and/or at the consulting table, as well as contributions to the program
  • A samply syllabus, if teaching in the classroom and/or a set of client report forms if consulting
  • Two examples of assignments, classroom, and/or consulting activities
  • Letter of support from another instructor who has observed at least one class section or consultation
  • One complete set of evaluations (a semester's worth, if consulting)
  • Attach the application form stating the applicant's name, address, phone number, and CWID
  • Applications will be judged based on the overall quality of the application materials

Click here for the Scholarship for Excellence in Teaching and/or Consulting application. 

Audre Chapman Scholarship

The award will go to an undergraduate English major with high academic achievement and a strong interest in teaching. Applicants must be from the state of Oklahoma. Application and an unofficial copy of your transcripts required. Click here for the Audre Chapman Scholarship application form. 

President's Distinguished Scholarship

A President’s Distinguished Scholarship (PDS) is one of the most prestigious undergraduate scholarships at Oklahoma State University. Once attending OSU, students must continue to meet the strict academic standards established for the PDS program to retain the scholarship. Designed to bring the finest high school graduates to OSU, the PDS is a key element in the University’s program for recruiting scholars. Recipients must possess outstanding academic credentials and strong leadership capabilities. There is no application necessary; all majors with the appropriate credentials will automatically be considered.

The English Department awards two President's Distinguished Scholarships: a James and Ann Halligan Scholarship for English, and a Eugene W. & Marie-Louise Jackson Scholarship for Creative Writing.

Mary Lou Sare Endowed Scholarship in English

This award goes to a full-time student, junior or senior, majoring in English. If a junior, the scholarship may be renewable for the student’s senior year. The student must have a 3.0 overall GPA, a 3.0 in liberal arts courses, and 3.5 in English courses. There is no application necessary; all majors with the appropriate credentials will automatically be considered.

Previous Scholarships

Scholarships for Undergraduates and Gradutes

Academy of American Poets Scholarship - Best unpublished poem ($100)
see requirements

Arrington Creative Writing Scholarship in Fiction- Best unpublished short fiction ($350, $200, $100)
see requirements

Arrington Creative Writing Scholarship in Poetry - Best unpublished poem ($350)
see requirements

Janemarie Luecke Memorial Scholarship - Best unpublished scholarly or critical essay dealing with a female writer or an unusual or outstanding way in which a woman/women is/are presented in literature written in English. ($100)
see requirements

May Wilson Woods Scholarship - Best essay dealing with English literature before 1800 or Jane Austen ($100)
see requirements

Scholarships for Undergraduates

Audre Chapman Scholarship in Literature- For majors with 60-93 hours completed. ($600) 
see requirements & application form 

Margaret F. Nelson Scholarship - For majors not enrolled in college for the past five years. ($100) 
see requirements

Sandra Drew Scholarship - For majors with 90-115 hours completed. ($300) 
see requirements & application form

Undergraduate Literature Scholarship - Critical or research paper (7-12 pages) on literature, including film ($100) 
see requirements 

Scholarships for Graduates

Audre Chapman Scholarship for Excellence in Teaching & Curriculum Development - English graduate TAs; available for teaching excellence in Composition, Professional Writing, ESL Composition, and Composition Curriculum Development. (4 awards of $100) 
see requirements

Clinton Keeler Scholarship in English Studies- PhD candidates (12 completed graduate hours min). ($300)
see requirements & application form

Edward Jones Milton or Textual Studies Scholarship - Best essay on Milton or textual studies. ($200)
see requirements

English Graduate Student Association Scholarship Awards- Various awards given to encourage graduate students in the English Department to participate in activities that will aid them in their professional development.
see requirements 

E.P. Walkiewicz Contemporary Studies Scholarship - Best essay on contemporary British/American literature and/or culture ($200)
see requirements

Harry M. Campbell Scholarship - MA candidates (12 completed graduate hours min.) ($300)
see requirements & application form

Jeffrey Walker Early American Studies Scholarship - Best essay on early American literature through Cooper ($200)
see requirements

Leonard J. Leff Film or Media Studies Award- Best unpublished scholarly or critical essay dealing with film, television, media culture, computer media, or other aspects of visual culture. 
see requirements

Paul Klemp Renaissance Studies Scholarship - Best essay on Renaissance literature ($200)
see requirements

Professional Writing Scholarship- Best essay in Composition/Rhetoric or best essay on communication project (websites, manuals, CD-ROMs, etc.) in Professional Writing. ($200)
see requirements

Randi Eldevik Medieval Studies Scholarship - Best essay on medieval studies ($200)
see requirements 

TESL/Linguistics Scholarship- Best essay on either TESL or linguistics. ($200)
see requirements

Sally Hinrich PhD Scholarship - PhD candidates (24 completed graduate hours min.) ($150)
see requirements & application form

Burris Fellowship- Awarded to entering graduate students and renewable on a competitive basis. 

Marye Lynn Cummings Endowed Scholarship- The Marye Lynn Cummings Endowed Scholarship benefits full-time graduate students studying English and creative writing,  providing up to $2,500 in annual support. The Fellowship was created by Michael Cummings in memory of his wife Marye Lynn.  The scholarship is for an OSU graduate student passionate about writing and planning to pursue a career as a writer. 

EGSA Scholarships


Outstanding Publication- Given for a publication of an article, book review, or creative work to a professional publication in your area of study. Submit a copy of your acceptance letter. In 100 words or less, please explain how this publication helps further your professional development as a scholar and writer.  ($50) Form 

Three Travel Grants for Conference Attendance- Given for presentation at a conference in your area of study. Submit a copy of your acceptance letter, proof of registration payment, and any other fees, such as hotel and transportation costs. (Two awards for national conferences, one for a regional conference)  Please note that if there are not enough applicants for the two National Conference Grants, more than one regional conference grant will be considered.  You can only receive one grant for a conference per fiscal year (Deadline March 15, 2014). Form

Selection process for the scholarships: A selection committee of EGSA members will select all the submissions that meet the criteria for the award. (i.e. They must be serious submissions.) Then the members of the EGSA scholarship committee will select the best submissions (except for the Service Scholarship, which will be selected by the committee in conjunction with the EGSA faculty advisor.)