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Graduate Publications

If you have published an article, book, story, or poem and would like it listed on the Graduate web page, please fill out the attached form and email it to engweb@okstate.edu

Academic Year 2016-2017

John Andrews (PhD in Creative Writing): Colin is Changing His Name. Sibling Rivalry Press, 2017.

Jonathan Cannon (PhD in Screen Studies): Book Review of The Terministic Screen: Rhetorical Perspectives on Film in KB Journal 11.2 (2016).

Ho'omana Nathan Andrew Horton (PhD in TESL Program): "Linguistic discrimination on campus: Ratings of and attitudes towards student writing with African-American English." Proceedings of the Linguistic Society of America vol. 2 (2017).

Christine Martin (PhD in Creative Writing): "Flexible," in Lumina; "Goodmorning," in Amazon's Day One; "Refined," "The Fairer Sex (and the City)," and "To Know You Better," in Small Portions; "Banana Bread," in (b)OINK; "For My Grandmother, Who Kept His Last Name," in Voicemail Poems; "The Gospel of Helping" and "Instructions for Absolution," in Mistress; and "Poem While Eating Questionable Leftovers," in Lit. Cat.

Alysse McCanna (PhD in Creative Writing): "My Sister Says," in Four Chambers; "Time is Blood," in Poets.org; "Changing the Baby," in Free State Review; and "Wife," in Barrow Street.

Elena Rodgers (PhD in TESL Program): "A Rhetorical Analysis of Folk Linguistic Discourse: The Case of Twang." American Speech 91(4). 

Amy Takebe (PhD in TESL Program): "Anatomy of a University English Musical Project," in Journal of the English Literary Society of Hakodate, vol. 55 (with M. Williams); "Using Fox in Sox for a Vocal Warm-Up," "The Confident Speech," "The Blah-blah-blah Speech," and "A Speech Practice Using an Essay from the Japan Times ST," in Classroom Resources: A Publication of the Speech, Drama and Debate SIG, vol. 1

Lisa Wright (PhD in Creative Writing): "It's Ramadan and I'm Exhausted! Who Cares? Because It's Bigger Than Me!" 2017 Anthology Oklahoma Writing Project Summer Institute.

Academic Year 2014-2015

John Andrews (PhD in Creative Writing): "Things Come Back," "To Hell With Love," "The Heart Is a Shotgun House," and "The Boy Becomes a Stag" in The Queer South: Poems and Essays, Sibling River Press, 2014. 

Chelsey Crawford (PhD in Screen Studies): "The Permeable Self: A Theory of Cinematic Quotation," Film-Philosophy 19 (2015): 105-123. 

Jessica Glover (PhD in Creative Writing): "On My Way to Heaven" reprinted in Oklahoma Humanities Magazine  8.1  2015; "Hunger House" in Spillway: A Poetry Magazine, no. 22;  “'Pointed boots are just bad news’: Love Lessons from Contemporary Women Poets" in Oklahoma Humanities Magazine 8.1 2015; and "Tsebrochener: A Story for the Broken" in Shifts: An Anthology of Women's Growth Through Change. Ed. Michelle Duster and Trina Sotira, Muse Write Press, 2015.

Derek Graf (MFA in Creative Writing): "Chicago Revisited" & "Were I Castor, the Poem I'd Write Pollux" in Midway Journal 9.2.

Kyle Hays (MFA in Creative Writing): “Rearrangeable Debris” in The Seattle Review 8:1. 

Brandon Hobson (PhD in Creative Writing): Desolation of Avenues Untold (Civil Coping Mechanisms, 2015); Deep Ellum (Calamari Press, 2014); "From The Book of a Thousand Deaths" in Conjunctions, no. 63, Fall 2014 and "Live Thing" & "The Turn" in Noon, 2015.  

Nate Knapp (MFA in Creative Writing): "Who They Were" in Yalobusha Review, no. 21; "Life on These Plains" in Blue Mesa Review, no. 31; and a review of Charles D'Ambrosio's Loitering in World Riot, December 2014. 

Elizabeth Lampman (MFA in Creative Writing): "Little to Say" in Gulf Stream, no. 13.  

Victoria McArtor (MFA in Creative Writing): "Anchovies" in This Land, March 2015.  

Debbie Olsen (PhD in Screen Studies): Editor, The Child in the Films of Alfred Hitchcock (Palgrave McMillan, 2014); Editor, The Child in Post-Apocalyptic Cinema (Lexington, 2014); "The Commodification of Ms. Penny Proud: Consumer Culture in 'Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids' (CBS 1972-1984) and Disney's 'The Proud Family' (2001-2003)" in Film for Children: Redefining the Consumption of Visual Narratives, Eds. Karin Beeler and Stan Beeler (MacFarland, 2014); and "The Monstrous Mammy in Lee Daniels' Precious (2009)" in Monstrous Children and Childish Monsters: Essays on Cinema's Holy Terrors, Eds. Markus Bohlmann and Sean Moreland (MacFarland, 2014); Co-authored with Giselle Rampaul, "Representations of Childhood in the Media" in The Routlede Handbook of Children, Adolescence, and Media, Ed. Dafna Lemish (Routledge, 2012). 

Colin Pope (PhD in Creative Writing): "Subject" & "Phone Call to Plan Abortion, as Flood" in Willow Springs, no. 75.  

Monique Zamir (MFA in Creative Writing): "In Baghdad" in Mikrokosmos 61; "We Breathe Through Harmonicas" in Lunch Ticket: Amuse Bouche; "A Poem for You Who Remembers the Salt of the Sea" in Gravel Magazine; "On Television" and "The Red Ventricle Fractures into Pieces" in The Light Ekphrastic; "The Sound of a Lentil Breaking" in Josephine Quaterly. 

Academic Year 2013-2014

Brian Brooks (PhD in Literature): "Feminist Struggle in Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew." Discoveries: Online Publications of the South-Central Renaissance Conference, 30.1 (2013).