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Jeff Menne

Jeff Menne photo by Tim Cole 

Associate Professor
PhD, Vanderbilt University

Associate Editor, Cinema Journal

Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • US and Latin American Cinema
  • Experimental Media
  • Critical Theory 

Selected Publications

Art's Economy: Post-Fordist Cinema and Hollywood Counterculture, 1962-1975 (under contract with Columbia UP)

Francis Ford Coppola (Univ. of Illinois Press, 2015) 

Film and the American Presidency, ed. Jeff Menne and Christian Long (Routledge, 2015)

"Post-Ferguson Hollywood," Jump Cut, No. 57 Fall 2016.

"Argo Direct Yourself: Ben Affleck and Movie-Made Politics," Post45, Contemporaries, June 2016.

"The Cinema of Defection: Auteur Theory and Institutional Life," Representations 114, Spring 2011.

"'I Live in This World, Too': Octavia Butler and the State of Realism" Modern Fiction Studies 57.4, Winter 2011.

"A Mexican Nouvelle Vague: The Logic of New Waves under Globalization," Cinema Journal 47.1, Fall 2007.

"Alive in the Net," co-authored with Jay Clayton, The Palgrave Handbook of Posthumanism in Film and Television (Forthcoming, 2015)

"Critical Realist in Naïve New York,"Review essay of Siegfried Kracauer's American Writings, ed. Johannes von Moltke and Kristy Rawson, Postmodern Culture 24.2, 2015.

Current Research Projects

I am completing a monograph on the political economy of poststudio Hollywood, Art's Economy: Post-Fordist Cinema and Hollywood Counterculture, 1962-1975, which considers the deployment of auteur theory as a management doctrine in such companies as Bryna Productions, Robert Altman's Lion's Gate, Zanuck-Brown, and BBS. I have also just begun work on a book project concerned with the absorption of the avant-garde into the university, provisionally titled The Avant-Garde University; the case studies for this project include Rutgers University and Fluxus, SUNY Buffalo and Hollis Frampton, and University of Utah and Ivan Sutherland.