Visiting Assistant Professors

Teaching Assistant Professors

Dinah Cox
PhD, Oklahoma State University: Creative Writing (Fiction) 
Office: M109
Phone: 405-744-9476, Email:

Jonathan Gaboury
PhD, Queen’s University: Nineteenth Century American Literature
Office: M410
Phone: 405-744-2087,

Eric Howerton
PhD, University of Houston: Creative Writing - Fiction, Literature, Composition
Office: M104D
Phone: 405-744-8500,

Shaila Mehra
PhD, University of Rochester: African-American Literature
Office: M201C
Phone: 405-744-6218, Email:

Visiting Assistant Professors

Michael Beilfuss
PhD, Texas A&M University: Southern Literature
Office: Morrill 411
Phone: 405-744-2084, Email:

Brett Burkhart
Office: TBA
Phone: TBA, Email: TBA

Heidi Cephus
Office: TBA
Phone: TBA, Email: TBA

Kimberly Cox
PhD, Texas A&M University: 20th Century American Literature
Office: Morrill 403
Phone: 405-744-1977, Email:

Dustin Crowther
PhD, Michigan State University: Second Language Studies
Office: Morrill 410
Phone:405-744-2087, Email:

Trever Holland
PhD, Oklahoma State University: American Literature & Native Literature
Office: Morrill 405
Phone: 405-744-6234, Email:

Bryan Jones
PhD, Oklahoma State University: Rhetoric and Composition 
Office: Morrill 410
Phone: 405-744-2087, Email:

Sara Loss
PhD, University of Minnesota: Linguistics
Office: Morrill 311
Phone: 405-744-3953, Email:

Margaret Grace Love
PhD, Tufts University: Caribbean Fiction
Office: Morrill 403
Phone:405-744-1977, Email:

Daniel Morse
Office: TBA
Phone: TBA, Email: TBA

Katrina Peterson
Ohio State University: 19th Century British Literature
Office: Morrill 410
Phone: 405-744-2087, Email: 

Arun Kumar Pokhrel
University of Florida: 20th-and 21st-Century British and Global Anglophone Literature
Office: Morrill 411
Phone: 724-599-8920, E-mail:

Cynthia Rogers
Office: TBA
Phone: TBA, Email: TBA

Ariel Ross
PhD, Emory University: Comparative Literature
Office: Morrill 411
Phone: 405-744-2084 Email:  

Richard Sears
PhD, Indiana University, Bloomington:  Early Modern Literature and British Literature
Office: Morrill 408
Phone: 405-744-2079, Email: 

Jennifer Shook
Office: TBA
Phone: TBA, Email: TBA

Ryan Slesinger
PhD, University of Tulsa: 20th Century American Literature
Office: Morrill 309B
Phone: 405-744-6233

Seth Wood
PhD, Emory University: 19th Century American Literature, Literary Theory, and Pedagogy
Office: Morrill 403
Phone: 405-744-1977, Email:


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