Dustin Crowther


Address: Morrill 410
Phone:  405-744-2087
E-mail: dustin.crowther@okstate.edu

PhD, Michigan State University

Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • Applied Linguistics/TESOL

Courses Taught

  • ENGL 4013 – English Grammar
  • ENGL 4043 – TESOL
  • ENGL 5243 – TESL

Selected Publications

Crowther, D. (accepted). Language investment during university adjustment: The divergent path of two Chinese freshmen. Journal of Language, Identity, and Education.

Crowther, D., Trofimovich, P., Saito, K., & Isaacs, T. (2018). Linguistic dimensions of L2 accentedness and comprehensibility vary across speaking tasks. Studies in Second Language Acquisition, 40(2), 443-457.

De Costa, P. I., & Crowther, D. (2018). SLA and World Englishes: Establishing a dialogue and common reserve. World Englishes, 37, 19-33.

Crowther, D., & De Costa, P. I. (2017). Developing mutual intelligibility and conviviality in the 21st century classroom: Insights from English as a lingua franca and intercultural communication. TESOL Quarterly, 51(2), 450-460.

Crowther, D., Trofimovich, P., Saito, K., & Isaacs, T. (2015). Second language comprehensibility revisited: Investigating the effects of learner background. TESOL Quarterly, 49, 814-837.

Selected Conference Presentations

Crowther, D., Loewen, S., Gonulal, T., & Tigchelaar, M. (2018, May). Measuring statistical literacy: The case of second language acquisition and applied linguistics researchers. Paper presented at the conference of Research Methodology in the Field of Second Language Acquisition and Learning, Montpellier, France.

Crowther, D. (2017, October). The Role of Aligned Future L2 Selves in Overcoming Academic and Social Adjustments. Paper presented at the Second Language Research Forum 2017, Columbus, Ohio, USA.

Crowther, D. (2017, May). Language investment during university adjustment: The divergent path of two Chinese freshmen. Paper presented at the annual conference of the Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Gass, S. M, Crowther, D., Marsden, E., Plonsky, L., & Spinner, P. (2016, September). A methodological synthesis of judgment tasks in second language research. Paper presented at the Second Language Research Forum 2016, New York, New York, USA.

Crowther, D., Trofimovich, P., & Isaacs, T. (2015, October). The perception of second language English speech by nonnative listeners: The Effect of first language background. Paper presented at the 7th annual Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and Teaching conference, Dallas, Texas, USA.

Current Research

  • The effect of task on second language speech intelligibility.
  • A longitudinal look into the dynamic nature of language development at a US military academy. Collaborator: Dr. Z. F. Miller.
  • A methodological synthesis of cluster analysis in second language research. Collaborators: S. Kim, J. Lee, J. Lim, and Dr. S. Loewen.