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Department Awards and Honors

If you have an award and/or recognition that you would like to add to the current year, send the details in an email to engweb@okstate.edu.

Academic Year 2017-2018


Steph Link won the Best Paper Presentation at the Technology for Second Language Learning (TSLL) coference at Iowa State University on September 23, 2017. She also received the seventh annual Audrey Duckert Memorial Travel Award to attend the Annual Meeting of the American Dialect Society in Salt Lake City in January and present research on personal dative constructions in Oklahoma. 
Dennis R. Preston won the first annual "Bill Labov Prize for Best Presentation Style" for his paper "The Soft Underbelly of Sociolinguistics — NOT!" at NWAV (New Ways of Analyzing Variation) 46 at the University of Wisconsin.
Andrew Wadoski received a College of Arts & Sciences 2017-2018 Regents Distinguished Teaching Award.


Mahmoud Abdi Tabari: Ravi Sheorey Student of the Year Award
Meihua Guo: Mary Ann Ward Award
Thamer Kalfut: TESOL International Association Complimentary Membership Award
Eunhye Hess: TESOL International Association Complimentay Membership Award
Sara Nezami Nav: TESOL International Association Complimentary Membership Award

Academic Year 2016-2017 


William Decker won the Regents Distinguished Research Award.
Toni Graham won the Regents Distinguished Teaching Award.
Edward Jones won the Arts & Sciences Fall Travel Grant. 
Timothy Murphy was appointed Regents Professor.
Dennis Preston won the Arts & Sciences Fall Travel Grant. 

Graduate Students:

Jacqueline Alnes: Jeffrey Walker Early American Studies Scholarship
Galen Bunting: Harry M. Campbell Scholarship and E.P. Walkiewicz Studies Scholarship
Jeaneen Canfield: Scholarship for Excellence in Teaching and/or Consulting
Qi Chen: TESL/Linguistics Scholarship
Hillary Coenen: Phoenix Award Finalist
Namrata De Roy: Richard G. Ingham Scholarship
Jacob Euteneur: Leonard J. Leff Film or Media Studies Award
Clemonce Heard: Gwendolyn Brooks Centennial honorable mention
Jason Higgins: Graduate Research Excellence Award
Cheryl Kutcher: Phoenix Award and Janemarie Luecke Memorial Scholarship
Alysse McCanna: Academy of American Poets Scholarship
Nathan Horton: OSU Graduate College Summer Research Fellowship
Colin Pope: Clinton Keeler Scholarship in English Studies and Marye Lynn Cummings Endowed Scholarship (Poetry)
Gretchen VanWormer: Marye Lynn Cummings Endowed Scholarship (Creative Nonfiction)

Undergraduate Students:

Dillon Graham: Audre Chapman Scholarship
Colleen Maher: Mary Lou Sare Endowed Scholarship in English
Field Watts: Undergraduate Literature Scholarship 

Academic Year 2015-2016 


William Decker and Elizabeth Grubgeld won the Fall 2015 Arts and Sciences Travel Award.  
Edward Jones was awarded the Regents Distinguished Research Award. 
Aimee Parkinson received the Catherine Doctorow Innovative Fiction Prize.
Lindsey Smith received the Arts & Sciences Community Engagement Award. 
Stacy Takacs won the President's Outstanding Teaching Award.


Robert Estes received the Arts & Sciences Outstanding Staff Award.
JuDean Howerton received the Arts & Sciences Outstanding Staff Award.

Graduate Students: 

Jacqueline Alnes: Marye Lynn Cummings Grad Scholarship in Creative Writing - Non-Fiction
Tomie Anne Bitton: Janemarie Luecke Memorial Scholarship
Jake Brewer: Marye Lynn Cummings Grad Scholarship in Creative Writing - Fiction
Brian Brooks: Newberry Travel Award
Lindsay Clark: Professional Writing Scholarship and Clinton C. Keeler Fellowship in English
Clayton Dillard: Robberson Summer Research Fellowship Award
Dillon Hawkins: Leonard J. Leff Film and Media Studies Award
Trever Holland: Student Council Award for Outstanding Teaching Assistant
Elizabeth Lampman: Marye Lynn Cummings Grad Scholarship in Creative Writing - Poetry
Macy McDonald: Harry Campbell Scholarship
Elena McLaughlin: Rapp Distinguished Graduate Fellowship and Edward Walkiewicz Contemporary Studies Scholarship
Emma Murray: Academy of American Poets Prize and Sheryl Benbrook Women For OSU Scholar
Steven Pedersen: Graduate Research Excellence Award
James Seth: OSU Foundation Distinguished Graduate Fellowship
Laura Tunningley: Honorary Commencement Marshall in recognition of scholarship and service to the land-grant mission of Oklahoma State University.
Yelin Zhao: Sally Hinrich PhD Scholarship and TESL/Linguistics Scholarship 

Undergraduate Students:

Jenny Ancik: Mary Lou Sare English Scholarship
Ridge Howell: Student Council's Dan Wesley Award for Outstanding Junior
Jacquelyn Lane: Undergraduate Literature Scholarship
Colleen Maher: George White Memorial Scholarship
Philp Moll: Audre Chapman Scholarship
Skyler Osburn: Audre Chapman Scholarship 
Carissa Sanders: Ruby N. Courtney Creative Writing Scholarship
Kaelyne Yumul: English Department Outstanding Senior 

Academic Year 2014-2015 


Robert Mayer received an Arts and Sciences Summer Research Grant (Summer 2015).
Edward Jones was appointed Regents Professor.

The following faculty recieved Dean's Incentive Grants (Summer 2015):

Joshua Daniel-Wariya 
Katherine Hallemeier
Graig Uhlin 
Aimee Parkison 

Academic Year 2013-2014 


Dinah Cox, Associate Editor of the Cimarron Review, won the 2014 BOA Edition Short Fiction Prize for her collection, Remarkable.   
Toni Graham's short story collection, The Suicide Club, won the 2014 Flannery O'Connor Prize for Fiction from University of Georgia Press. The collection will be published in Fall 2015.
Elizabeth Grubgeld won the 2014 Oklahoma State University Service Award. 
Edward Jones's Young Milton: The Emerging Author, 1620-1642  won The Milton Society's 2013 Irene Samuel Memorial Award for Best Multi-Authored Collection on Milton. 
Linda Leavell, professor emerita, won the 2013 Plutarch Award for Best Biography for her book, Holding on Upside Down: The Life and Work of Marianne Moore 
Lisa Lewis's collection The Body Double won the 2014 Georgetown Review Prizeselected by Ada Limon. The collection will be published by Georgetown Press in Spring 2015. 
Jeffrey Walker was honored by the Regents for Distinguished Teaching.  


Charissa Prchal has won an A&S Outstanding Staff Award. 


Erin Swenson won a General Honors Award, a Departmental Honors Award, and an Honor's College Degree. 

The following students were all recognized at the College of Arts and Sciences Honors and Awards Banquet, held on April 15, 2014: 

Abigail Bunting and Anthony Rahhal received 2013-2014 Wentz Research Project Awards.
Joshua Lay and Kaelyne Yumul received 2013-2014 Wentz Leadership Scholarships.
Bunting and Yumul also received George White Memorial Scholarships. Antoinette Bridgers and James Lee also received this honor. 
Rebecca Lee (2014) was honored as Departmental Outstanding Senior. 
Kathryn Shrader (2014) recieved a Fullbright Scholarship. She will graduate in May with majors in English: Creative Writing and German and be recognized at commencement and at our A&S Honors and Awards Banquet.

The following students were accepted into the Teach for America Program:

Jake Akin (2014)
Rebecca Lee (2014)
Andrea Cerar (2013)
Abby Legrand (2013)
Courtney Kutch (2012)
Reagan Haas (2011)