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Jonathan Cannon, PhD student in Screen Studies

Washington, D.C., September 2017

Address: Morrill 401
E-mail: jonathan.cannon@okstate.edu

MA in Film Studies, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada 
BA in Film Studies, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • Silent film stardom
  • Masculinity studies
  • Race, ethnicity, nationality, and citizenship
  • Visual and cultural rhetoric
  • Memorial culture in the United States
  • American history, especially the Progressive Era.

Exam Areas

  • Production & Industrial History
  • Film & Media Theory
  • Star & Celebrity Studies

 Courses Taught

  • ENGL 2453: Introduction to Film and Television


  • Book review of The Terministic Screen: Rhetorical Perspectives on Film (Ed. David Blakesley). KB Journal (The Journal of the Kenneth Burke Society) 11.2 (Spring 2016)
  • Editor-in-Chief, Cinephile (UBC Film Studies Journal), Vol. 7, Issue 1, "Reassessing Anime" (2011)
  • Editorial Board Member, Cinephile, Vol. 8, Issue 1, "The Voice-Over" (2012); Vol. 7, Issue 2, "Contemporary Realism" (2011/12); and Vol. 6, Issue 2, "Horror Ad Nauseam" (2010)

Conference Presentations

  • "The Tom Mix Museum: Archiving Stardom in Small-Town Oklahoma." Society for Cinema and Media Studies. Toronto, Canada. March 2018. (accepted)
  • "The President William Howard Taft Monument at Arlington National Cemetery: (Re)visiting James Earle Fraser's Commemorative Stele." Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association. Indianapolis, IN. March 2018. (accepted)
  • "Sitcom Celebrity." "What about TV acting?" Roundtable Speaker. Flow. Austin, Texas. Sept. 2016.
  • "The Big Lebowski and the Intinerantetual Cult Film." PCA/ACA. Chicago, IL. Spring 2014.
  • "Touristic Deathgazing: Dark Fan Tourism, Memorial Culture, and Mobile Posthumous Celebrity Worship." SCMS. Seattle, WA. Spring 2014.
  • Rocky Horror Redux: Subcultural Liveness and The Performative Pilgrim.” Film Studies Association of Canada (FSAC) Graduate Student Colloquium. The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC. Winter 2012.

Professional Appointments

  • Research & Professional Development Liaison, OSU Writing Center (Spring 2017-present)
  • Supervisor, OSU Writing Center West (Agriculture Hall), Fall 2016-Fall 2017
  • Film Director/Videographer, OSU Writing Center Promotional Videos for Website, Summer 2016
  • Consultant, OSU Writing Center, Fall 2013-present
  • Co-leader, "Feminism in the Writing Center" Inquiry Group, OSU Writing Center, Spring 2017
  • Co-leader, "Gender Studies" Inquiry Group, OSU Writing Center, Fall 2017
  • Leader, "(Inter)national Identity" Inquiry Group, OSU Writing Center, TBA Spring 2018
  • Reader, The Library of Congress (Washington, D.C.), Sept. 2017-Sept. 2019

Awards and Recognition

  • Houston-Truax-Wentz Travel Award (Oct. 2017)
  • Oklahoma State University Graduate College Fellowship (Sept. 2013)

Current Research/Articles in Progress

  • A dissertation on ethnic male stardom in early Hollywood
  • A qualifying paper on visual rhetoric and the cool pose in U.S. media
  • A journal article on Sessue Hayakawa and DeMille's The Cheat (1915)
  • A presentation on the Tom Mix Museum in Dewey, Oklahoma
  • A presentation on the President William Howard Taft Monument at Arlington National Cemetery

Why OSU?

OSU’s program in screen studies champions interdisciplinary approaches to research on film, television, and new media. I am continually impressed by the excellent instruction, guidance, and expertise of the faculty.