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Shahriar Mirshahidi, PhD student in TESL

Shahriar Mirshahidi

Address: 413 Morrill Hall
Phone: 405-744-2079
Message: 405-744-2085
E-mail: mirshah@ostatemail.okstate.edu 

MATEFL Islamic Azad University, North Tehran, 2010

Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • ITA Education and Assessment
  • Oral Proficiency Issues
  • Researching L2 Reading Strategies 
  • ESL Academic Writing/Feedback in EAP
  • Simulation and Gaming
  • Sociolinguistics (language attitudes) 


Book Chapters:

  • Saeli H., & Mirshahidi, S. (2013). Awarding admissions and scholarships. In G.B. Halleck (Ed.), English Composition Simulations. Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt.  

Journal Articles:

  • Mirshahidi, S. (2016). "I find you attractive but I don't trust you: The case of language attitudes in Iran." Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development. doi: 1080/01434632.2016.1178268.
  • Rashtchi, M., & Mirshahidi, S. (2011). “How Do We Communicate to Student Writers in a Multiple-Draft class:  An Experiment on University-Level Learners' Composition Writing” Iranian Journal of Applied Language Studies 3(1): 119-150. 
  • Rashtchi, M., & Mirshahidi, S. (2011). “Written Feedback: Still, a Strong Pedagogical Tool”. ROSHD Foreign Language Teaching Journal 25(4): 28-34. (Published by Bureau of Research and Planning, Iranian Ministry of Education).

Conference Presentations

  • Mirshahidi, S., & Saeli, H. (2016, March). "Construct validation of ITA profiency using measures of complexity, accuracy, and fluency." Paper presented at Georgetown University Round Table on Language Assessment (GURT) conference, Washington, DC.
  • Mirshahidi, S., & Saeli H. (2015, March). "While-reading strategies of NES vs. NNES graduate students: Perceptions and preferences." Paper presented at American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL) Conference, Toronto, Canada. 
  • Mirshahidi, S. (2015, February). "Language regards: Investigating attitudes of the speakers of the standard Persian residing in the U.S. towards accented speech of non-Persian Iranians." Paper presented at UTASCILT 22, Arlington, TX.
  • Saeli H., & Mirshahidi, S. (2013, March). "Construct validation of speaking proficiency in TOEFL iBT, IELTS, and the International Teaching Assistant (ITA) Test." Paper presented at Oklahoma State University Humanities Conference, Stillwater, OK. 
  • Mirshahidi, S., & Saeli H. (2013, February). "ESL vs. native speaker student writer's perception of form-focused feedback in the writing class: Does the source of feedback matter?" Paper presented at 10th TALGS Conference, Greenville, NC. 
  • Mirshahidi, S. (2011). "Written feedback: How to communicate with student writers." Paper presented at OKTESOL Conference, November 12, Tulsa, Oklahoma. 
  • Rashtchi, M., & Mirshahidi, S. (2010, December). "Communicating with ESL student writers through written feedback: An experiment on University-level EFL learners' compositions." Paper presented at The Malaysian International Conference on Academic Strategies in English Language Teaching, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 
  • Rashtchi, M., & Mirshahidi, S. (2010, December). "Diverse and Intelligible Written Feedback; An Experiment on University-Level EFL Learners' Compositions." Paper presented at My_CASELT Conference (The Malaysian International Conference on Academic Strategies in English Language Teaching), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Honors and Offices

  • Assistant to the director, International Composition program, Oklahoma State University, 2016-present
  • Senior rater, International Teaching Assistant (ITA) Profiency Test, Oklahoma State University ITA program, 2013-present
  • President, TESL and Linguistics Club, Department of English, Oklahoma State University, 2013-2014

Current Research/Articles in Progress

  • Mirshahidi, S. (2016). "Predicting international teaching assistants' success on a performance test: The case of CAF constructs and compensatory strategies." Manuscript in progress.
  • Mirshahidi, S. & Saeli, H. (2016). "While-reading startegies of native vs. non-native English speaking graduate students." Manuscript in progress.