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Lisa Lewis



PhD, University of Houston

Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • Poetry Writing
  • Gender and Women's Studies
  • Contemporary Literature

Recent Upper Division and Graduate Courses Taught

  • Graduate Poetry Workshop
  • Advanced Undergraduate Poetry Workshop
  • Craft and Forms of Poetry

Selected Publications

Books and Chapbooks:

The Body Double, forthcoming Georgetown Review Press, 2015

Burned House with Swimming Pool, Dream Horse Press, 2011

Vivisect, New Issues Press, 2010

Silent Treatment, Viking/Penguin, National Poetry Series, 1998

The Unbeliever, University of Wisconsin Press, Brittingham Prize, 1994

Story Box (chapbook), Poetry West, 2008

Individual Poem Publications:

“The Last Place” and “Exile Your Bad Self” to be published in Zocalo Public Square.

"Prove Me Wrong" to be published in Florida Review.

"Cure" and "This State Has No Coastline, But Aren't Those Legs Sticking Out of the Sand?" to be published in Sugar House Reader.

"Taxonomy of the Missing," American Literary Review, http://www.americanliteraryreview.com/lisa-lewis---taxonomy-for-the-missing.html

"Class Warfare," Tampa Review 49(2014): 31.

"He Considers the Advantages of Staying Awake," Knockout 5(2014): 67-68.

"Seasons Said" and "The poems about clothing," Carolina Quarterly 63.3(2014):56-59

"Hill Country" and "I Could Tell from Your Fingernails You'd Stopped Listening," Ghost Town 6(2014): http://www.ghosttownlitmag.squarespace.com/lisa-lewis/

“Diagnostic,” Superstition Review (2013): http://superstitionreview.asu.edu/issue12/poetry/lisalewis

“Privacy’s the Matter of Light,” Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review 29(2013): 67-68.

“Cormorant,” Tusculum Review 9(2013): 73-77.

 “A Slipping Between Seasons,” “Birthright,” and “Tinnitus,” Tusculum Review Online, 


 “Backwards Dixie Ghazal” and "If You Think You Can Stop Me, Come Over,” Fifth Wednesday 13(2013): 160-163.

“She Gets to Him First," Guernica, August 1, 2013: http://www.guernicamag.com/poetry/she-gets-to-him-first/

“Departure in the Key of Restraint Minor,” Zocalo Public Square, May 17, 2013: http://www.zocalopublicsquare.org/2013/05/17/departure-in-the-key-of-restraint-minor/chronicles/poetry/

“Glass Curtains,” “On Getting New Glasses,” and “The Body Double," Connotations Press, A Poetry Congries February 2013: http://www.connotationpress.com/a-poetry-congeries-with-john-hoppenthaler/february-2013/1733-lisa-lewis-poetry

“Business and Pleasure,” Catch Up 1(2012): 159-159.

“What to Wear” and “Homage to Expertise without Trying,” Carbon Copy 1(2011): 39-42.

 “The Historical Process,” Crab Orchard Review 16(2011): 118-123.

 “Crux of the Night” and “A Likeable Pest of a Man,” Arroyo Literary Review 3(2011): 1-3

“Eavesdropping,” “Diurnal,” and “April Storm” Fox Chase Review (2011):   http://www.foxchasereview.org/11WS/LisaLewis.html

“Pelvis," Grist (2010).

“The Apparent Suicide of My Former Husband,” Cutthroat: A Journal of the Arts8(2010): 202-203

"The Errand” and “Oklahoma in October,” The Fiddleback 1(2010): http://thefiddleback.com/_webapp_1197843/Two_Poems

A History Lesson” and “Red Water Spreading,” Third Coast Fall 2010: 59-63

"The old religion," Permafrost 32(2010): 97-98.

"Late Capitalism," 5 AM 31(2010): 3.

"Floaters" and "Femininity," Sou'wester 38(2010): 102-104.

"To Find Out What You Need to Know," Reed 63(2010): 143-144.

“A Threat in May,” Valparaiso Poetry Review 11(2010) "Poem of the Week" selection May 18 2010: www.valpo.edu

"Sowing, you dream of harvest" and "Self-Cleaning Screed," Blue Earth Review 8(2010): 63-65.

"Days Beginning to Lengthen," Kenyon Review 32(2010): 187-188.

"Mystes," Potomac Review 47(2010): 17-18.

"All Inexplicable Desire," American Literary Review 21(2010): 142-144.

"Where, Oh, Where," Missouri Review "Poem of the Week" web selection March 2 2010: www.missourireview.com

"Haircut," "That Scrape Might Leave a Scar," and "The Genius Puppet," PANK 4 (2010): 36-38

"Chance Meeting," Washington Square 10 (2010): 21-22

“Code of Honor,” Anti- 5(2009): http://anti-poetry.com/anti/lewisli/

“The Woman Who Sued Me” and “I Don’t Want You to Take Off My Clothes,” Seattle Review 2(2009): 132-134.

“The Warning," Crate 5(2009): 51-53.

“Bon Voyage, Traveler, If You Leave Now and Hurry You’ll Arrive Before Tomorrow Splits in Half” and “Exposed,” Portland Review 56(2009): 110-113.

“Flood Sale," Hiram Poetry Review 70(2009): 42.

“Garden Tools,” Yalobusha Review 14(2009): 58-59.

"Elegy Enumerating the Sins of Shopping” and “Graceless,” Many Mountains Moving 9 (2008/2009): 177-181.

“The Well-Intentioned,” Confrontation 102/103 (2008/2009):183-184.

“Regretful of Error 2,” Parthenon West Review 6 (2008/2009): 152-153.

“Come-Back Spell,” Laurel Review 42 (2008); 60.

“The Foreseeable Future,” Fence 11 (2008): 83-84.

“Dexterity,” Zone 3 23 (2008): 94-95.

“The Perspective of Distance,” Tuesday: An Art Project 2:2 (Fall 2008).

“The Sign of the Cross,” Louisville Review 64 (2008): 14-18.

“A Question About Horses,” Rattle 14 (2008): 123-124.

“Envy This,” Crab Orchard Review 13 (2008): 106-107.

“Topography,” Cortland Review 40 (2008)

“We Couldn’t Be True,” Hunger Mountain 12 (2008): 154-158.

“Field with No Horse In It,” “Coupled,” “Girls Who Love Horses,” and “The Lamed Mare” reprinted in Cadence of Hooves: A Celebration of Horses (Yarroway Mountain Press, 2008): 53-54, 59-61, 220-222, 301-304.

“Autumn Uncovers the Tall of the Trees,” Salamander 13 (2007/2008): 23.

“Regretful of Error,” POOL 6 (2007): 75.

"Dear Late Snowy Morning," The Journal 31 (2007): 5-6.

“Swanky, ”“American Dream,” and “My Horses and I,” Smartish Pace 14 (2007): 92-98.

“Weekends Only,” Oklahoma Today 57.3 (2007): 121.

“Coupled,” Many Mountains Moving 7 (2006): 156-158

"Field with No Horse in It” reprinted in Under the Rock Umbrella: Contemporary American Poets 1951-1977 (Mercer University Press, 2006): 214-215.

“Cloudtime,” Under the Rock Umbrella: Contemporary American Poets 1951-1977 ( Mercer University Press, 2006): 216-217.

“Hating to Be Born: Forced Motherhood” (essay), Off Our Backs: the Feminist Newsjournal 36.2 (2006): 51-53.

“Tourmaline,” 32 Poems 4 (2006): 51-53.

“May Mowing Clover,” Sweeping Beauty: Contemporary Women Poets Do Housework (University of Iowa Press, 2005): 86-88.

"Burned House with Swimming Pool," "Counting Change," and "Pilgrimage Ghazal," Florida Review 30.1 (2005): 28-33.

"The End of Anything," Michigan Quarterly Review 43 (2004).

"Story Box," The Journal 28 (2004).

"Travel Plans for Social Outcasts," Crab Orchard Review 9 (2004).

"Oklahoma" and "Stereotype," Eclectica 7.4 (2003).

"The Young" reprinted in Are You Experienced?: Baby Boom Poets at Midlife (University of Iowa Press, 2003).

"Tracy and Joe," Stand Up Poetry (University of Iowa Press, 2002).

"The Transformation," TriQuarterly 112 (2002).

"Media" and essay, My Business Is Circumference: Poets on Influence and Mastery (Bedrock Books, 2001).

"The Auction," Spoon River Poetry Review 25 (2000).

"Change in Plain View," Phoebe 29 (2000).

"Only A Little" and "The Hawk," Gulf Coast 12 (2000).

"Redbud," American Poetry Review 29 (2000).

"February" and "Responsibility" reprinted in The Body Electric: America's Best Poetry from the American Poetry Review (Norton, 2000). 

Honors & Offices

  • Georgetown Review Poetry Manuscript Prize, 2014.
  • American Poetry Journal Book Contest, Dream Horse Press, 2008
  • Poetry West Chapbook Contest, 2008
  • Secretary of Arts and Sciences Faculty Council, 2004-2005.
  • Regents Distinguished Teaching Award, 2002.

Recent Grants & Research Trips

  • Arts and Science Research Grant, 2013
  • National Endowment for the Arts Individual Artists Fellowship in Creative Writing, 2011.
  • Arts and Sciences Research Grant, 2004. 


CV available on request