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Faculty Governance

Arts and Sciences Faculty Council Representative

Lynn Lewis

Arts and Sciences Tenure and Promotion Committee

Linda Austin

Arts and Sciences Curriculum Committee

An Cheng

Graduate College Faculty Representative

Randi Eldevik

Personnel Committee

Chair: Edward Jones 
Professor: Elizabeth Grubgeld 
Professor: Tim Murphy 
Associate Professor: An Cheng
Associate Professor: Nancy Caplow 
Assistant Professor: Sarah Beth Childers

Curriculum Committee

Curriculum Committee Charter (FY 2017) 

American Literature: Lindsey Smith
British Literature: Kate Hallemeier 
Creative Writing: Aimee Parkison 
TESL/Linguistics: Nancy Caplow (Chair)
Rhetoric and Professional Writing: Lynn Lewis
Screen Studies: Graig Uhlin 
Undergraduate Major Advisor (Voting Member): Clarissa Bonner
Student Rep: TBD

TA Selection 

Nancy Caplow
An Cheng
William Decker

Lynn Lewis
Stephanie Link
Jeff Menne
Aimee Parkison
Anna Sicari
Andrew Wadoski
Martin Wallen

Graduate Studies Committee

American and British Literature: Katherine Hallemeier 
TESL/Linguistics, Composition and Rhetoric, Professional Writing: Joshua Daniel-Wariya
Screen Studies, Creative Writing: Sarah Beth Childers
Andrew Wadoski is a non-voting member.

Admissions Committee

Nancy Caplow
An Cheng
Stephanie Link
Jeff Menne
Aimee Parkison
Andrew Wadoski
Martin Wallen

Scholarship Selection Committee

Department Head: Bill Decker
Graduate Coordinator: Andrew Wadoski
Undergraduate Advisor: Clarissa Bonner
Two faculty appointed by the Department Head