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Creative Writing Teaching Assistants

Paul Armstrong, 2015-2016

ArmstrongI discovered that it’s one thing to study and know your subject, but by teaching Intro to Creative Writing, I was forced to articulate the knowledge I have gained over the years through workshops and my own writing, to beginning students. This not only increased my confidence as a writer, but also helped me understand my own process of writing more fully. Students’ questions and concerns helped me be more concise and actually increased my own understanding as I searched for new ways to communicate to my students.


 Beth Ann Mock, 2015-2016 


Having the opportunity to teach Creative Writing was one of the best experiences I had during my time at OSU.  Watching the students tackle poetry and learn to enjoy reading it while they gained confidence in their ability to write it themselves was my best teaching experience by far.  Teaching the course helped me to write about subjects I would normally not have considered. 



Derek Graf, 2015-2016

GrafTeaching Introduction to Creative Writing was the most memorable and enjoyable classroom experience of my life. I had always looked up to (I should say idolized) my creative writing professors as an undergraduate, which meant that I put a great deal of pressure on myself to share my love of poetry and fiction with my students in such a manner as to make them love reading and writing as well. I encouraged my students to embrace the many difficulties certain poems or stories confront us with. I hope my students are still working through those challenges today.



 Tim Treder, 2014-2015

trederI've found as a teacher of writing—and this I feel is beneficial as a student, teacher, and writer—that writing as a process always offers new challenges.  Much of writing comes down to choices and decisions writers make in their work.  By teaching creative writing, by seeing missteps and misinformed choices beginning/early writers make, and by considering why those choices aren't working in a poem or story, I am better able to understand my own work in a critical manner and am able to better assess the writing choices I am making.



Angela Greenroy, 2014-2015

greenroy2Most of the students in my class thought the class would be an easy A, so as they really began to take interest in their work and the work of others, the change in their attitudes was evident and they seemed to get past the idea that writing is easy. As a teacher and writer, I saw habits I needed to avoid in my own writing. As a student, I was reminded of how important it is to turn your best work in. By the end of the semester, I felt like I had improved as a writer, a creative writing teacher, and a student.




Katie Markey, 2014-2015

MarkeyEarly in the semester, I had a student who was very reluctant to have her work read by the class and it was clear that she thought her piece was a complete failure. She didn’t want to participate in workshop and was visibly nervous on the day her story was up for critique, although she seemed to relax almost as soon as her classmates began to discuss her work. They offered both praise and criticism, gave her pointed feedback and suggestions for revision, and by the end of the session she seemed much more confident in her writing. I think sharing a piece of writing and opening up for other people to look over and point out its flaws, is an incredibly scary thing for many of our students, so it was great to witness this student’s classmates helping her through the process.