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Martin Wallen

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Director of Literature
Coordinator of English Honors
PhD, Vanderbilt University

 Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • Romanticism
  • Foxes in art and literature
  • Dogs in all walks of life
  • Squids

Recent Upper Division & Graduate Courses Taught

  • The Nuclear Bomb in the Land of Enchantment
  • Scary Novels
  • The Best Romantic Poetry

Selected Publications

Whose Dog are You?  Michigan State University Press, 2017.

"Biting the Philosopher's Hand," World Picture 11 (2016).

Fox. London: Reaktion, 2006.

"Lord Egremont's Dogs: The Cynosure of Turner's Petworth Landscapes," ELH 73 (2006) 855-883.

City of Health, Fields of Disease: Revolution in the Poetry, Philosophy, and Medicine of Romanticism. Ashgate, 2004.

Honors & Offices

  • Regents Distinguished Research Award, 2008.
  • John H. Daniels Fellow, National Sporting Library, 2007.
  • Visiting Fellow, Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, 2000.

Current Research & Projects

Current research focuses on the legends, science, cryptozoology, and art of squids, marine monsters, and bathic nightmares.

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