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Richard Frohock

Address: 205-B Morrill Hall
Phone: 405-744-9474
E-mail: richard.frohock@okstate.edu 

Professor and Department Head
PhD University of California, Santa Barbara

 Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • Early American Literature
  • Early Caribbean Literature
  • 18th-Century British Literature 

Recent Upper Division & Graduate Courses Taught

Graduate Seminars:

  • Early Caribbean Literature
  • Crime, Transgression, and Punishment in Early American Culture
  • Redrawing the Boundaries of Early American Literature
  • Eigteenth-Century British Colonialism and the Rise of Colonial Studies

Upper Division:

  • Literature and Culture of the Caribbean (study abroad course taught in Trinidad and Tobago)
  • Crime, Law, and Literature in the Eighteenth Century
  • American Literature to 1800: America and the Self
  • Journeys in American Wilderness (Honors English) 

Selected Publications

"Satire and Civil Governance in A General History of the Pyrates (1726; 1728)." The Eighteenth Century: Theory and Interpretation 56.4 (2015): 467-83.

Buccaneers and Privateers: The Story of the English Sea Rover (1675-1725). Newark, DE: University of Delaware Press, 2012; paperpack, 2014.

"Exquemelin's Buccaneers: Violence, Authority, and the Word in Early Caribbean History." Eighteenth-Century Life 34.1 (2010): 56-72.

“Bible Overboard: the Word and the Grand Pirate, George Cusack.”  Early AmericanLiterature 42 (2007): 263-283.

Heroes of Empire: The British Colonial Protagonist in America, 1596-1764. Newark: University of Delaware Press, 2004. 

Honors & Offices

  • Vice-President of OSU's Phi Beta Kappa chapter, Fall 2014-Spring 2016
  • Editorial Board Member, Caribbeana: The Journal of Early Caribbean Society, 2014 - 
  • Vice President, Early Caribbean Society, Summer 2014 -

Recent Grants & Research Trips

  • Arts and Sciences Research Travel Grant, OSU (2014)
  • Oklahoma Humanities Council Grant (2013)
  • OSU Sabbatical Leave (2011)
  • Mellon Fellowship for Study at the Harry Ransom Research Center, Austin TX (2006)

Recent Conference Presentations

  • "Enterprising Rogues in The King of the Pirates (1720)." Western Society for Eighteenth Century Studies. San Luis Obispo, CA. February 2015.
  • "Bernard Mandeville, Gay's Polly, and Civil Society in the West Indies." Early Caribbean Society Symposium. London, UK. July 2014. 
  • "Blackbeard's Bride and Other Women in The General History of the Pyrates (1724)." Society of Early Americanists Conference. London, UK. July 2014. 
  • "Beyond Anne Bonny and Mary Read: Women in Early American Piracy Narratives." American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies. Williamsburg, VA. March 2014.
  • Discussant on “’What Counts?’ A Roundtable on Early Caribbean Literary History.” Islands-In-Between Conference: Language, Literature, and Culture of the Eastern Caribbean.  Beaulieu, Grenada.  November 2011.
  • “English Piracy in the Early Caribbean.” Symposium on Early Caribbean Literary History, sponsored by the Early Caribbean Society.  St. James, Barbados.  October 2011. 

Current Research & Projects

  • Piracy and Privateering
  • Early Caribbean Literature
  • Seventeenth and Eighteenth-Century Atlantic Culture